DMX Gets Naked and Runs A Few Laps

hotelroomswaggyou read the title right.
dmx randomly pulled his drawz down and ran a lap in a hotel lobby.

tumblr_mny2rtqkxL1qbrc7uo5_250peep the bracelet on his ankle.
i mean look haven’t you streaked in a hotel lobby before for no real reason?
yeah me neither.
i’m sure “ratchet jamari” would tho…

lowkey: i think he is packing some meat tho.
we all saw the outline in his movie, “belly”.

it’s crack rock meat now, i’m sure.

the game sex scene in belly 2<<<<

video source: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “DMX Gets Naked and Runs A Few Laps”

  1. The cleaning lady didn’t even give a second look at the boxers on the ground as she pushing her cart…oh it’s just crack head dmx again ho hum

  2. He has been “troubled” for so many years.I will not be shocked if I read headline “DMX found dead” It will be a tragedy I think he has 7 kids.

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