DMX Gets Naked and Runs A Few Laps

hotelroomswaggyou read the title right.
dmx randomly pulled his drawz down and ran a lap in a hotel lobby.
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I Like Pussy

Some of us have been with a Vixen.

I know.
I know Wolves and Foxes who know the insides of a pussy down to the lining.
I know some who vomit at the thought.
I know some who were male whores and are now super duper feminine and are dick hunters.
I also know a ton of others who are dating Vixens and love some Foxtail on the side.

It is life and we all have stories.

I will admit that I dated Vixens before.
Only 2 stand out that really left a lasting impression.
Others were either too damn ghetto, were in relationships, or I lost interest before she opened her mouth.
But I always knew I liked me a Wolf.
Vixens were just distractions from the truth.
I had strong attraction to Wolves as far as I could remember.
Hell, I started masturbating well before my 13th birthday.
First it was titties in Vicky Secrets catalogs I stole from my mother…
and then it went was the way a Wolf’s ass looked as it pounding some pussy.
That is another subject for another day and time.

So I have to ask all my Wolves, Hybrids, and Foxes..

Have you ever been with a Vixen?

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