God Sent Me Ariana Grande’s Album This Morning

Music Review-Ariana Grande.JPEG-0467cgod is so interesting to me.
so i was gonna write today about ariana grande’s album,
“yours truly”.

i was going to ask if her album was any good.
i was kinda iffy on downloading it,
but i wanted to.
this coming from the person who was iffy about britney.
i own all her albums.
i was even researching reviews and everything.
well why come when i woke up today,
i woke up to this:

I know you are a fan of good music and no this isn’t my mix tape or something like. I came across Ariana Grande album “truly yours”.  The girl that sings “The Way”  with Mac Miller This album is a good one. Figure I share. Feel better homie.

tumblr_ms7dulrb7p1sthnh6o2_400how good is that?
i sooooooooooo want to thank my f-bi for this!!!!
i really appreciate it and i’m listening now as i type this.
as soon as i prayed randomly last night,
some other things just “happened” as the night went on.
i guess god wanted to show me he is here.
well thank you for finally showing me.

lowkey: sounds pretty good with the first couple songs.
she reminds me of a young mariah circa “daydream”.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “God Sent Me Ariana Grande’s Album This Morning”

  1. Juts listened to some of her songs the other day. I love Honeymoon Avenue.

    On the real, she is bad af lol. She look real good lol.

  2. This album is good. She kind of remind me of Jojo in her “The High Road” days. I like every song on this album but “Honeymoon Avenue” is definitely my favorite. I love some good music! Which is so rear nowadays sadly.

  3. Her album is so good and I’ve loved her since Victorious. She should snatch Miley’s crown.

  4. This album is SOOOO good! I was extremely shocked that this album is by a 20 year old from Nickelodeon. It’s so 90’s and I love it.

    1. ^frosty i never heard of her until the song with mack miller!!!
      i found out she was some nick star on a show i never heard.
      my sentiments on the album!!!!
      i have it on repeat!!!
      def got that 90s swag going on.
      her people did good.
      i’m a fan.

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