God Sent Me Ariana Grande’s Album This Morning

Music Review-Ariana Grande.JPEG-0467cgod is so interesting to me.
so i was gonna write today about ariana grande’s album,
“yours truly”.

i was going to ask if her album was any good.
i was kinda iffy on downloading it,
but i wanted to.
this coming from the person who was iffy about britney.
i own all her albums.
i was even researching reviews and everything.
well why come when i woke up today,
i woke up to this:

I know you are a fan of good music and no this isn’t my mix tape or something like. I came across Ariana Grande album “truly yours”.  The girl that sings “The Way”  with Mac Miller This album is a good one. Figure I share. Feel better homie.

tumblr_ms7dulrb7p1sthnh6o2_400how good is that?
i sooooooooooo want to thank my f-bi for this!!!!
i really appreciate it and i’m listening now as i type this.
as soon as i prayed randomly last night,
some other things just “happened” as the night went on.
i guess god wanted to show me he is here.
well thank you for finally showing me.

lowkey: sounds pretty good with the first couple songs.
she reminds me of a young mariah circa “daydream”.