Paul George Snaps Leg In Half

1406948214000-USP-Basketball-USA-Basketball-Showcasethis is definitely not the year to be baller wolf,
paul george.

with all the issues he has had lately,
snapping his right leg in half is the latest.
so he was playing at the team usa showcase when he slid into a base by the basket.
i’ll let you see the video for you to be the judge.
(very graphic video ahead)

tumblr_inline_n5w1ts4ey61qe1hpilawd ham mercy!
i had to cover my eyes.
well the foxhole wishes you the best paul.
wishing you a speedy and successful recovery!

lowkey: i hate that his parents had to witness that.

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picture courtesy: stephen r sylvaine, usa today sports

12 thoughts on “Paul George Snaps Leg In Half

  1. Black women are rejoicing the hate for him was real lmao. They got so much beef with him Funky it don’t make no sense.

    1. His career is not over, but he will likely miss next season. It will take a long recovery, but he will be fine. The contract extension he signed last year starts this upcoming season and he’ll be making 15 mil this year, and he has endorsements with Gatorade and Papa Johns etc. He only has one kid to pay child support for as well. Larry Bird will make sure he is taken care of.

  2. He is experiencing so much bad luck. He needs to get his chakras reset. If it’s not one things it’s the other with him. I hope he gets better soon. I like watching his lips on my big screen.

    1. LOL. That ain’t my man. If he was tho, I probably be right in that Vegas hospital right nowcrying over him like Hanna Young. “Oh Paul….my poor baby.”

  3. See… when you are a self hater karma will get you! The blacks Gods in control!

  4. Yea…heard the news this morning, and I was afraid to watch the video because I heard it was gruesome. What a sad day in basketball and it’s off-season. I cried a little when I did see the video. I sure did, not even gonna lie to y’all. Kyrie Irving cried in his dad’s arms. It was just sad. Paul’s my fav. player, he has grown the past two seasons offensively and even more defensively, and he was just saying how he wanted to be more aggressive this upcoming year. I’m gonna miss him this season man. I hope he recovers quickly as possible.

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