Is Keston Karter Making A Cumback?

remember him:

BeachpicforFlyerhis name is keston karter.
before instagram and tumblr,
keston use to be “the wolf everyone wanted to fuck” on myspace.
i remember seeing him on quite a few top 8s.
i also remember everyone stealing his pictures too.
he was suppose to be “the new big thing” in urban modelling,
but nothing came of it.
just like myspace,
he came and went.
well someone sent me a new picture he just uploaded.
is he making about to cumback for round 2?…

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 12.29.35 PMtumblr_m25xjwahGw1qc3wmuwell keston,
not bad.
not bad at all.
there are a ton of new wolves roaming these internet skreets.
i think we can make room for you again.
everyone re-familiarize yourself with him:

will you take him back foxhole?

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Is Keston Karter Making A Cumback?”

  1. I still love him!!!!! I didn’t forget about him! He is one of my all time favorites!!!

  2. I don’t care what y’all think. That pic of him in his underwear in front of the plant is everything and natural. The man is def gorgeous, model or everyday.

  3. I think he is a little to pretty and perfect, boys like this have women looking side ways thanks to all the gay bashing that goes on on most of these ghetto urban blogs, I have seen his pics and the females always says he looks gay. Wow talk about type casting. I agree that with Instagram, and Twitter their are so many good looking dudes that none stand out anymore unless they take off their clothes and have a huge pipe, its sad but that is about the only way to stand out in this new media age, who is checking for magazines anymore. I really dont know how any male models make it these days or how they are known with all the IG superstars like the George Hills, Steven Becks, Suraqah, LL Burrell’s, etc, on top of all the current and former NFL and NBA players who say they are modeling. I always get this dude confused with Christian Keyes, so Im sure I am not the only one. Good Luck to him because he is going to need it in this crowded field.

  4. I have no use for him after receiving a threat from his legal team claiming a post of him a few years back implied that he’s gay by appearing on my blog. Gurls getting by on their looks shouldn’t alienate their fan base.

    1. ^are you serious?!??

      well first off,
      he should be glad he is on ANYONE’S blog.
      if he is that paranoid,
      he needs to go get a job as a mailman or a plumber.
      the amount of gays in the industry as a whole that will want some dick/ass in order for him to proceed will make him become a monk.
      last but not least,
      his main fan base is men.
      females have moved on.

      here is a legal tip for his team.
      once you put a picture up online,
      unless copyrighted,
      is for the world to see.
      you didn’t slander his name or pretend to be him using his pictures.

      1. That’s true. You can do anything with a picture once someone posts it online, as long as you do not attach a story to the pic, it’s legal.

        1. ^and “legal teams” are usually the person in the picture.
          no lawyer,
          a legit one anyway,
          has time to email a blog telling them to take down pictures off some blog UNLESS the blog is slandering the person involved or used illegally.
          plus bad press is good press in the entertainment industry.
          lawyers know that.

          i got a few emails from dumb asses “legal teams” about their pictures.
          had to hit them with the knowledge.
          they quickly changed their tune.

  5. i never forgot him this was my boo for a LONG time…and he still can get it!!!! i heard years ago he was rumored to have a an affair with Terrell Carter

  6. The competition is tough, he’s old he doesn’t have that much time to catch up. too bad. I’ll say the famous IG whore , George hill can flaw him out in a min

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