A$AP Rocky Used To Get His Dick Sucked By A Fox?

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 4.22.47 PMoh really?
one of his goons did her one better for that comment…

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 4.36.44 PM



azealia banks and a$ap rocky don’t like each other.
she is mad over his recent comments about dark vixens:

“But for real, for me, I feel like with the red lipstick thing it all depends on the complexion. I’m just being for real,” said the Harlem rapper. “You have to be fair skinned to get away with that. Just like if you were to wear like—f—- for instance, what do dark skin girls have that you know fair skinned girls can’t do… Purple lipstick? Naw, that looks stupid on all girls! Purple lipstick, guys! Like, what the f—-…”

she has been talking about him coming out the closet ever since:

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 4.26.55 PM

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 4.26.44 PM tumblr_mjb0mnFSLJ1r70t44o2_r1_400one of his goons from a$ap mob and her decided to go at it today.
you can check both twitters for the updates.

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x azealia banks

lowkey: she is always beefing with someone.
does she even rap?

8 thoughts on “A$AP Rocky Used To Get His Dick Sucked By A Fox?

  1. This girl is ALWAYS getting into it with somebody…no way I can take her seriously as an artist.

  2. Whew these new stable of young entertainers are out of control. Just 20 years ago it would be unconscionable and unheard of for Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey to call each others Bitches and say that they didnt like each other. Wow I can remember the days that bad blood was never revealed in the industry until a written book came out, never on TV, Radio etc. It is almost expected in todays entertainment business. With social media its just par for the course to throw shade and make out of line comments about each other. I actually dont know anything about none of these people but this seem like some typical ratchet nigga shit that means nothing in the big scheme of things, because all of these characters will be all working at the mall in the food court in 5 short years. I can say though, that the Azealia chick is entertaining for all its worth.

  3. That doesn’t look like her in the pic though. Her hair line is way more ate up than that.

    I’m just sayin’….

    Carry on.

  4. I didn’t like the comments he made either. I think he’s kinda cute, but he ain’t nothing that is going to stop traffic, so he needs to chill.

    Light skin women are the ones who I do not think should wear it, and that’s only because it match with their complexion, it stands out too much. Beyoncé is hot ass mess when she wear red lipstick ewww, the clear kind is what suits her the most, she just needs a lil shine to her lips. Red lip stick suits darker skin women more if you ask me.

    1. ^he always looked like a female to man transformation.
      i can never find him attractive,
      yet these female’s pussies stay throbbing for him.

      maybe Im missing “it”?

      1. he’s ugly, weird, creepy and just plain ol fag, he tries too hard too and i know he did not make a comment about dark skin women with his black charred ass. Question to dark skin dudes: Why are yall ALWAYS the ones with the COLOR issue???????

  5. The problem with her is she can actually rap really well (check out liquorice and van vogue) she just has gotten so much praise from the mainstream media, but underground doesn’t know her. So underground or guys who were originally underground but crossed over to main stream don’t respect her because she is a 21 yr old female rapper singed to a major label (interscope) and doesn’t have the help of a male mentor (hints Kim, Nicki, foxy, missy, trina) all had a males help to get them into the game. So ppl don’t know how to react to her,

    If he was a humble girl she would get more respect. Instead she chooses to be such a LOUD MOUTH BITCH. typical bitch from Harlem, so she’s always in a beef. On top of that she’s not a looker so quite naturally she doesn’t get respect. You can’t be unattractive and have an nasty attitude. It just doesn’t go we’ll with each other.

    1. ^love this run.
      this is definitely typical harlem beef.
      where he got that dick pic of her about to slob a knob is anyone’s guess.
      the bad part is she allowed someone to have a black mail picture of her.
      if she plays it well,
      she can definitely use this in her power.

      she is a good rapper,
      but that mouth of hers fucks it all up.
      she been beefing with so many various artists that I lost count.

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