Had A Balls… Well, His Balls.

funny_wedding_cake_toppers17last night i had sex with my wife.
i haven’t had none in a while.
maybe pussy would help?
i brought her to my bedroom,
where i proceeded to beat that pussy down for 2 rounds..

32349583yeah not even happening.
seriously tho,
after the “red lobster reception”,
my “wife” went her way and i went mine.
i came home and got a text asking if i wanted to go to a house party.
it was from another vixen i knew for a while.
who knew my freshly married ass was going to see a wolf i use to mess around with?
aaah me in all my scandalousness…

his name is weird wolf.
he is okay looking.
mixed with something.
thick build.
the same vixen introduced me to him one night couple years back.
this is when i was kinda new to the lifestyle and really started exploring.
at that point,
he lived with his mama and was spoiled as hell.
he also had anger problems when she didn’t cater to him.
he also acted like she didn’t know about him,
but could never explain how she felt knowing “foxes” would be sleeping over.
weird, huh?

tumblr_ll0fbknDzp1qgfch6he was interested in me when we first met.
being the fast tail i was,
i gave him some hand work as we all watched a movie.
can’t remember the movie.
was too busy suckin’ on his neck to care.
vixen claims she wasn’t watching us,
but she was.
he wanted me to give him throat work in his bathroom.
i kissed the tip of his circumcised dick and left him hard and horny.
he never forgot it.
every time i saw him,
he is always trying to get it.
even though i did hook up with his friend.
thas a whole nother story.

i decided to wear the same outfit from earlier to his party.
white dress shirt.
black skinny tie.
we haven’t spoken for some time now,
but he has upgraded to a nice apartment in the city.
he actually came a long way.
he went from promoting gay clubs as a “straight” wolf (another weird, huh),
to leaving that life behind and getting a good job.
he also now has a “wife”.
a fun sized spanish hyena he moved in.
they met on jack’d.
he is from another state and always wanted to move to the city.
super fat ass.
really cute face.
extremely feminine.

he hates me.

weird wolf told him about our “little” past.
why the fuck he do that?
listen i’m not even interested.
thanks, but no cigar.
hyena would be hovering around us.
marking his territory.
weird wolf is paying his lifestyle.
i told weird wolf my latest developments earlier that day.
he congratulated me.
“thanks, i think?”
he was looking at me the whole night like “i still want that”.
i returned with my nicest “nigga please”.
he even had some low key slick shit to say.
naw we good homie.
i’m not even trying to deal with that.
*cues fun sized hyena standing next to me tense as fawk*

badgirls-t-judgingeyeswhy do i sense a peanut/kerry rhodes situation in the works?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Had A Balls… Well, His Balls.”

  1. As I read those first five lines, my mouth opened more and more lol. I believed it lol.

    He prob. does want you, or he got a lil bit of feelings seeing you again, but he has big booty dude who will probably take good care of him lol.

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