Brandon Spikes Said If He Saw Someone Gay He Would Scream

Not a week goes by without an NFL player posting something stupid on Twitter. This week it’s Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes‘ turn.

Spikes took to Twitter on Wednesday and posted what appears to be a joke stolen from British comedian Jack Whitehall, who has said as part of his act, “I’m homophobic in the same sense I’m arachnopobic. I’m not scared of spiders. I’m not scared of gays, but I would scream if I saw one in my bath.”

For Whitehall, the biggest problem with that line is that it isn’t funny, and he’s supposed to be a comedian. For Spikes to repeat it is stupid both because if you’re going to steal a joke you should steal a funny one, and because “I’m homophobic” is a rather dumb thing for a public figure to say.

Now Spikes has created a bit of a controversy in New England, with media outlets including the Boston Globe and Boston Herald publishing critical stories about his tweet.

Spikes wasn’t in the Patriots’ locker room when media had access on Thursday, but several of his teammates were asked about it, and all of them avoided the topic and therefore avoided stirring up any further controversy. Patriots spokesman Stacey James said only, “The team has no comment.”

It’s easy to see why Spikes’s team and his teammates don’t want to wade into this controversy. But it’s hard to understand why Spikes created the controversy in the first place — or why he’s continuing to engage in Twitter arguments with people who were bothered by what he wrote. Spikes would be wise to knock it off.


really brandon?
and then looking like this…


do us a favor.
you are just not going to happen.
so, making comments like this for shine is your only way.
your pictures will not be re-blogged on tumblr.
you won’t be the first chosen to get pussy.
you will always be “that krs one looking nigga“.
you have to live with that fact.
you are screaming for the chance and honor of gay recognition.
we are screaming because you look like shrek, live and in color.
now go to bed knowing that this is about the only attention you will ever receive.
next to your funeral.

again, my foxes/wolves/and hybrids have taste.
you have now left a bad one in our mouths.

you can peep his ignorance at:


… and how is he going to be blocking people because he fucked up?
take them tweet ass whuppins like a man nigga!

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Brandon Spikes Said If He Saw Someone Gay He Would Scream”

  1. He Such a Dumba** He One Of The Reason Why This World is So Backwards Today WIth Full-On Homophobia in This World Btw Jamari Don’t Ever Leave This Site It One One Of The Best I Like To Sit Down With Wine After Class Doing Work and Reading This SIte To End a Stressful Day

  2. Wow this gargoyle needs to stop. Just remembered where I know him from. He has a sex tape with a Kim Kardashian look-alike, he is attention fame whore, but that mug has prevented him from being any were near a household name like Victor or Devin. He is just YUCK.

  3. So does that mean it’s okay if I scream whenever I find a heterosexual man in the bathroom, shower room, or bedroom with me? I’ve had plenty of opportunities to do so. Brandon is being more ridiculous than he realizes.

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