The New Battered Face of Domestic Violence

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 7.46.48 PMthis girl’s story literally depressed me today.
i could not even…
so everyone meet gabriella.
she is an aspiring actress/model who i’m sure all the wolves love.
i’m sure cute ones like i have featured on here.
well she let the wrong wolf into her life and this happened.
(very graphic photos btw)…

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 8.08.10 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 8.08.01 PMtumblr_n13n01zGzm1qd2k1no2_r1_250_zps75e613f4do you see that shit!!!!!!!
i commend her on being so brave because damn.
whoever the asshole is could have killed that poor girl.
well she recently updated her instagram/twitter/vine with her recovery:

i have no words for this story.
usually i have something creative and witty to say,
but i’m at such a loss.
all i know is we often say,
“yeah if he ever put his hands on me i would such and such…”
but that is often never the case for most of us.
i wish her a speedy recovery.

lowkey: its disgusting how people are treating this girl on social media.
calling her a attention whore and all this.
people did that same shit with rihanna.
i hate buffoons.

follow her updates: twitter | instagram

story found: straight from the a

12 thoughts on “The New Battered Face of Domestic Violence

  1. This makes me mad and sad. I just dealt with a domestic abuse situation on last week and it was a family member of mine who was doing the abusing. His children’s mother called me in tears and I was like WTF because the last time I talk to her when he abused her I advised her to get a restraining order and have his ass locked up but she went back to him only to be abused again. When I brought this up, she said she was just being nice giving him another chance because they have kids. So I told her what are you teaching your kids by letting him keep coming back and abusing you in front of them. They are so young but probably already need counseling. YColette, I also had a Aunt who was shot at point blank range in the mouth back in the 80’s, by her abusive husband who my family beg her not to go back to when she left him. He sweet talked her back after she had left him for 6 months and she went back and it was less than a week later when he shot her, she lived but this once beautiful woman was never the same and she died about 8 years after that way too young. I am very sensitive about this subject and I can admit seeing this young lady story made me shed a few tears. I cant understand how a man could ever hit a woman and have zero respect for a piece of shit man who would assault a woman, he is less than a man and str8 men have the nerve to insult gay men for being less than men and they hit women. GTFOH with that.

  2. Pharaoh touches on something that’s lost on many people; allowing oneself to be abused is a mental illness.

    Police hate domestic violence calls because the victim will sometimes jump on them when they attempt to arrest the abuser and will drop charges and/or refuse to testify.

    What a lot of people don’t realize is that there is abuse I’m same-sex relationships, too, both male on male and female on female. And, a lot of the abused partners are not physical weaklings. They are mentally and emotionally under the spell of there abuses. Oftentimes, the abuser will attempt to get his/her partner to create distance from family and friends in order to isolate the abused party.

    If anyone on here has a funny feeling about a loved one in a relationship that seems to be pulling away or has questionable feelings about that loved one’s partner, please go with that vibe; reach out. Your intervention could save your loved one.

    1. In 3rd paragraph intended to write “‘in’ same-sex relationships” not “‘I’m’ same-sex relationships.”

  3. I can only hope that she does not allow this guy to worm his way back into her life. Even though he will probably be behind bars (if he didn’t kill himself), I’m sure he will try to reach out to her and charm her with that “baby I’m sorry” BS.
    I know many women who have suffered at the hands of domestic violence and they continue to have relations with the guys who continue to beat them silly…no matter what people say to them.
    My older sister’s first husband was abusive verbally, but once he put his hands on her my dad told him if you ever put your hands on my child again, I will kill you. The verbal abuse continued but he never touched her again…but she finally had the sense to leave him.
    These guys prey on the insecurities of their girlfriends/wives, all the while THEY are the insecure ones and project it onto their significant others. It’s sad.

  4. Hopefully she will cooperate with the DA when it comes to prosecuting this monster.My aunt Linda was shot 7 times by her husband.By the time of the trial, about nine months after the attack,she had forgiven him.She refused to testify against him.
    Since this girl was in a relatively new relationship maybe she can break free from the psychological chains of domestic violence.

      1. Yeah but my aunt was morbidly obese at the time.So only two of the bullets cause major damage.Also this was in the eighties so domestic violence wasnt treated as serious as it is now.She left him for good about eight years later.

  5. This is both sad and disturbing. Her boyfriend must have deep issues other than his insecurities to commit such a brutal act on another human being. Punk ass niggas and cowards put their hands on women.

    She was pretty man. I hope she recovers, physically and mentally.

  6. Damn.Out of a moving vehicle.He was definitely trying to kill her.8 months isn’t very long but still.Crazy motherfucker.Your Britney gif made me chuckle even though I was sad.I know that she should be happy she has her life but will she ever return to her original looks?I know she says her skin was ripped off her shoulder and all but goddamn.I hope the dude is in jail/prison.

  7. ^omg!!!!
    god things like that make me sad.
    you are so right on what you said pharaoh.
    thank you for sharing your story!
    i have never been in an abusive relationship,
    but i met a stranger who was and it changed my whole life.

  8. Don’t let the wrong one in. My sister was in an abusive relationship and when we found out my brothers and I beat up the guy, like we beat him up so badly that you would have thought that HE was the one in an abusive relationship. Sure enough my sister went back to him, and he beat her again but my brothers didn’t do anything that time and asked me to stay away. They were together until the guy was killed at war. My parents pretended to be sad but deep down I know they were relieved. The thing is because letting someone beat up on you is actually a mental disease itself, nothing says that the next nigga in her life won’t be another wife beater.

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