I Dare You To Put On This Jock Strap And…

one of my favorite games is “dare”.
  no “truth”.
it’s more fun that way.
i love to play it with adventurous folk.
what if the dare was…

Putting on a jock strap and wearing it in a department store?

a foxholer sent me this video and well…

i love that he did it.
i also love that he is fine as hell too.

someone find out who owns the meat in that jock strap.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “I Dare You To Put On This Jock Strap And…”

  1. Damn this boy is ready for the sex party!! Yeah, that rear end is sexy and the strap is like a horse with reins. Dude reminds me of Dominic Santos

  2. Sorry fellows I meant will jump on that asap with out permission please let this be the new trend this is lit ass fuck

  3. What is wrong with people? This is pretty lewd. Actually, this is the second video I’ve seen where a dude runs in a department store naked in a jock strap in public. This is getting a bit outta hand…or shall I say outta pants.

    There could be children around a or anything and you have grown men parading around in jock straps exposing themselves like it’s funny. SMH.

    1. Yeah, he could get arrested for in descent exposure but the question is where is security or theft prevention officer? Any who, well if I see him I’m taking pictures with him or taking him home pronto!

      1. Yep and if he’s around the wrong people, like kids, they won’t hesitate to make him register as a sexual offender.

    2. Didn’t particularly appeal to me either 🤷🏾‍♂️

      People already have the misconception black men are sex crazed perverts that will rape you and he would’ve been mad if he got arrested and became a registered sex offender.

      I hate to say it but someone said black men as a whole don’t think through the consequences of their actions and the shit I see on the daily including this inclines me to agree.

      I suspect the comments would be different if he were fat and dark skinned😕

  4. I’m sorry y’all this is just dumb for no reason lol

    You know they locking black men up for next to nothing!

    You don’t think they have cameras in that store?

    Then you post it on YouTube🤦🏿‍♂️

    Maybe I’m getting old 😕

    1. I wouldn’t say old, moreso keen or wiser to the bigger picture at hand. What these young wolves don’t think about is the long term. Not only will he best arrested if caught. This could resurface at a later time when he’s going for that job he wanted. You think reputable companies want someone representing them who behaves like this.

      People will do anything for some comments and likes these days. The thirst of narcissism is real! Everythang on social media doesn’t disappear so easily. It makes it much easier for your past to come back and haunt you.

      And to be upfront, if I saw a man like that out in public, I’d think something was wrong with him or he was on drugs and crazy…These past few years, I’ve come across articles of folks on drugs and stuff stripping naked and walking out in public. Even that Florida man on Bath Salts.

  5. And I just got another vid of a dude doing the same shyt, but going up an escalator. I also saw one of a dude in a public supermarket..like wtf is really going on with folks these days? Who actually sits and comes up with this stuff to do.. Walk around in public with they, “probably musty”, asses all out parading around in funkin’ up JCPenney? No home training.

    But now that I think about it, I’ve seen a few vids of younger guys showing their butts for laughs and I do remember when I was in HS, a dude showed his ass publicly. I guess tho. It is what it is.

  6. He liked that shit too much…..and was strutting that fat booty like it was no tomorrow. He sexy and that shit was funny asf 😂😂😂

    She better check her man’s butthole just to make sure he ain’t soliciting new clientele 👀👀👀

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