The Stress Is Ruining You

i randomly thought about nicki minaj brother,
jelani maraj,
when i woke up.
darren sharper too.
i am not desperate or going crazy.
i was thinking about how stress will legit transform your bawdy.
those two have everything to be stressed about…

and it did the same to me…

when i was working at my last jobs,
dealing with toxic hyenas and jackals,
chasing behind what i thought was a wolf interested in me.
and mentally in “upside down “place,
i was looking a whole mess.

breaking out like crazy
hair was falling out
grey in my hair/face
worn out skin
lost a lot of weight
throwing up because of anxiety

i was looking and feeling bad.
as soon as i left those things behind,
and got into this “fuck it” place,
it was like everything went back to normal.
i glo’d up in the best way possible as well.

it is amazing what stress can do to your body.
it will have you looking “sick”,
but it’s you taking on more mentally and emotionally than you should.
it’s like when you see a baby mama walking with a wolf.
she looks like she gained 200 pounds while pushing a stroller.
he looks like an adonis fresh out the gym.
i’m sure she didn’t look like that when they met,
but stress will do that to ya.
this is why i will NOT be dealing with stressful situations any longer.
if i encounter it:

peace out!
“bye pineapple”!

i refuse and you should as well.
don’t have anything out here aging your before your time.
it ain’t worth it.

lowkey: even if you don’t do it for vanity,
it can bring on health issues too.
stay far away.

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