How You’ll React When You Meet Your Favorite… Housewife?

one of the “real housewives” came into my job the other day.
a snow bunny.
she dead ass was looking at me like i was gonna react.
fawn over her and go crazy.
i’m glad she learned i’m not phased.
for her.
i didn’t know who she was,
but my co worker did and she nearly fainted.
i had to get a whole google search and some cliff notes.
this is what happened when someone met one of the “rhoa”

an ex “rhoa”.

i bet he would be in the after life if beyonce walked in there.
i couldn’t imagine carrying on like that if i met my fav celeb.
don’t you judge either.
never say never.

13 thoughts on “How You’ll React When You Meet Your Favorite… Housewife?

  1. I can’t lie if I ever had the chance to meet Serena or Celine Dion I might react the same way.

  2. Let ppl live some folks don’t even believe they could ever be in they he same room as some of these ppl as a result of a jacked up life so it’s no supreme they heat some of them lose it not knowing what they did to deserve to be blessed with others presence. Simply put some ppl don’t feel their good enough so let them have their moment.

  3. Eh, celebs are just people and people haven’t been shit in a while so celebs ain’t shit either, even if i like them 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. I met Beyonce During her Bday era as she was leaving an interview taping( I was working security at the building,she was super sweet to everyone) I simply waved to her and she smiled and waved back. I then said ” Goodnight Beyonce thanks for coming” and she replied with a thank you and got into her SUV. I have also met many and they are like what Fashionandsvedka said “regular person, different occupation. If it wasn’t them, it would be someone else.

    But yea dude is doing too much and over Phaedra? lol

  5. Right. Monica is my favorite singer and I’ve met her. As she said, “regular person, different occupation.”

  6. Why he gotta be so extra tho lol

    Like, I lived in NYC for 10 years, can’t tell you how many celebs I’ve run into, seen, and met. I have a simple “Hi” and kept it moving. One I actually had to snap on cuz she was in my way. At the end of the day, for me, they’re just people. People who have chosen to live their lives on an over exposed level. I can’t see myself being this dramatic over a person. That’s just me tho

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