Aunt Wendy Gonna Be Listening To The “Waiting To Exhale” Soundtrack This Weekend

^that is wendy williams being dropped off to work today by her husband,
kevin hunter.
check who he was with yesterday via “the daily mail”

Wendy Williams’ husband is still seeing his younger mistress as the 46-year-old was spotted with the massage therapist on Monday, even after his TV host wife defended him and said she was ‘standing by her guy’, DailyMailTV can exclusively reveal.

Kevin Hunter was seen picking up Sharina Hudson, 32, from an office building in Manhattan after a workout in the city before driving back to New Jersey together on Monday afternoon.

The two have been engaged in a 10-year long affair with Hunter moving the younger woman into a $765,000 home in New Jersey and Hudson wearing a large diamond ring on her wedding ring finger.

On Tuesday, Williams was seen being dropped off by Hunter at her TV studio in the same red Bentley that Hudson was seen climbing into the day before

Hunter was seen driving around in his luxury red Bentley SUV, which begins in price at around $220,000, in lower Manhattan before heading to the gym for an afternoon workout session.

The father-of-one then drove uptown where he was seen picking up Hudson from an office building in midtown Manhattan. 

Hudson was wearing athletic gear including black leggings and her favorite Nike slides, as she clutched her phone and climbed into the expensive car with Hunter. 

The two then made their way together to New Jersey, though it was unclear if they continued on to the $765,000 home they share there.

It has been the first time Hudson has been photographed in public since DailyMailTV exposed Hunter’s infidelity to Williams in September.

lol @ “her favorite nike slides”

kevin don’t give a fuck,
does he?!?!?!?!?!
he got some big balls.
the alleged side she hyena don’t either.
there is a tiny side of me that thinks wendy is allegedly behind all this.
it gives good receipts for her divorce lawyer.
it shows how allegedly messy he is being and what a supporting and loyal wife she is.
she leaks her own alleged story and controls the narrative that way.
don’t rule out that some married couples are into some “other” shit.
this might be the case for the williams/hunters.
the truth is stranger than fiction.
she might be okay with him fuckin’ that young cooch on the side.
as long as he “comes home to her”
if not,
i guess we can expect another fainting spell from aunt wendy pretty soon.

lowkey: this is a good song to have on repeat aunt wendy…

article and pictures cc: the daily mail | probe-media for dail mail

12 thoughts on “Aunt Wendy Gonna Be Listening To The “Waiting To Exhale” Soundtrack This Weekend

  1. I dunno if you guys have thought about it or not but ummm. Why would a news magazine or reporters follow Kevin Hunter for a OVER A YEAR? Don’t you find it odd? I do. Who set that in motion in the first place?

  2. Kevin don’t care and neither does Wendy, as long as this doesn’t stop the money from coming in she’s good.

  3. Her struggling-to-thrive legs are killing me…she needs to stop sippin so much tea, and EAT!…or get some fat injections or sumn…

  4. She has her husband apart of all her business affairs. If she divorces him, he’s getting paid big time.

    He probably wants her to do it too. If he wanted this to be a secret it would be. That whole fainting incident could’ve been setup of case of him causing her emotional stress too.

  5. Now I am reading the mistress is pregnant and wearing an engagement ring.I hope this is just a rumor.

  6. Yes Wendy, the tables has turned on you now the press will be on your ass!! If I see another mental breakdown, she must be going through the motions.

  7. It is likely that Wendy Williams has known for some time that her husband has a woman on the side. I think that she has discussed having threesomes with her husband.

    If it’s fine with her and her husband, then it’s fine with me. That’s their business.

  8. As I have said before she is a hypocrite.She has criticized celebs and non celebs(during Ask Wendy) for staying with cheating spouses and advised people to leave their cheating spouses.
    Offhand I can remember her criticizing Kendra(Playboy playmates) for not leaving Hank(football player) when he cheated on her.There have been dozens of other cases where she mocked(mostly women) for staying with cheaters.

    Also she has told women they shouldn’t tolerate their husbands having female friends.She has said Big Kev can’t have female friends but I guess a mistress is OK.SMH

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