Line Up In Order of “Ignorance” and “Set Us Back”

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why is ^this ignorance even okay?
so ^this is the new popular meme degrading black vixens!
i guess this is the “memorial day weekend” edition.
sadly the most retweets/jokes are from black hyenas.
here is an example of another…
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If President Barack Obama Was Dark, He’d Be A General Manager at Chick-fil-a

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 8.25.48 PMwell thank god for him being a redbone!
if he had tatts he probably would be a bigger sex symbol.
i keed.
i had to take a moment to post this real quick.
j cole was asked about the light skin/dark skin battle of video vixens.
he also mentioned that barack obama would not be president if he was dark.
do you disagree?…

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mental homework: (15)

skin color.
one of the biggest taboos in every lifestyle.
one that is better left unspoken:

who knew when i wrote this entry:

You’re Dark Skinned So I’m Not Even Interested In You.

it would lead to such a great discussion.
i love when everyone comes together and shares their stories.
i was blown away by all the comments in that entry,
all the various experiences and opinions,
but tajan and sanity comments really got me…

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