Line Up In Order of “Ignorance” and “Set Us Back”

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why is ^this ignorance even okay?
so ^this is the new popular meme degrading black vixens!
i guess this is the “memorial day weekend” edition.
sadly the most retweets/jokes are from black hyenas.
here is an example of another…

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 8.30.45 AM
tumblr_nvcp1gn23V1tsjzgfo1_500 what complexions some of these hyenas mamas?
they get some “light bright/damn near white” pussy and lose it.
i never see other races degrading their vixens.
why do we do it to our own?
well the black vixens decided to fight back with their own:


lowkey: this snow she-hyena thought she could jump in:

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 8.35.44 AM

she currently doesn’t have any hair follicles.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Line Up In Order of “Ignorance” and “Set Us Back””

  1. It’s just ignorant af. It’s why we got beautiful women like Lil Kim out here thinking they need to bleach to be beautiful. Our black queens should realize they aren’t missing out on anyone calling themself Cliff Breezy 😒

  2. It literally makes me sick looking at these ignorant ass dudes posting shit like this. Majority of these black dudes who go after white, light skin, or exotic women do it because they want their kids to come out light skin, mix, with good hair, but they always don’t come out that way. The one meme I enjoyed was the vixen who posted the lie, cry rape and get you locked up because that is so damn true.

  3. The ignorance never ceases to exist. And they wonder why our beautiful black girls are bleaching and spending more money on weaves than they are their own hair.

  4. This doesn’t surprise me, this crap had been happening to black women for years. As you said other races don’t do this to their women but we blacks go in on our own kind on social media and such which just welcomes other races with racist ideals to go in on us and our black women.

    I’ve said it before Black women have been constantly holding down black men since like the beginning of time but when it’s time for black men to do the same for black women NOBODY SHOWS UP. Smh

  5. We’ve really have got to stop paying attention to these fools. I can’t even be bother to get angry or offended by what morons like that say. they’re so irrelevant. They don’t speak for black people, at all, there is no truth in what they say, just ramblings of people lost in their own fantasies about how the world works. Let them stay in their lane, they’ll get theirs.

    Moving on!

  6. And i bet after getting dragged most of these people said “people are so PC these days!”. smh!

  7. We really don’t hold black men accountable for their actions anymore and that’s the main problem.

    Everything’s funny or “just a joke” until the police mollywhops their ass or worse in the streets and black women are the FIRST ones out here protesting.

    It’s not funny that all the people filling up the prison are us and it’s not funny that even when black men have interracial kids they’re more likely to leave the nonblack woman to be a single mother.

    We aren’t instilling the same values anymore.

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