DeVane Gives Us A Shirtless Update

tumblr_o7wzdseSwJ1ucc7xho1_1280remember ( x devane )?
i did a few posts on him way back when.
he is the jamaican wolf from florida that has the vixens hot in the panties.
foxhole fav.
i wonder what he has been up to?
he graduated from college and has a full time job now.
why am i shocked he has no cubs?
vixens: why don’t we have a dick report on file for this one?

lowkey: i like to see the past wolves doing good.
keep it up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “DeVane Gives Us A Shirtless Update”

  1. Cute! it’s good to see SOMEONE working…like.. with an actual JOB! Wait,what does he do? Either way, it’s good that the man is working. This attentionisto stunting stuff has gotten old.

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