“Ugh, Let Me Do This For These Stans of Mine” – Justin Bieber

CjgxLJTVEAEMRgt^this is the saddest thirst trap i’ve ever witnessed.
justin bieber looks completely bored.
in turn,
i’m bored

even him grabbing in his pipe looks sleepy.
someone draft up a retirement statement for him stat!

lowkey: his eyes tell the entire story.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on ““Ugh, Let Me Do This For These Stans of Mine” – Justin Bieber”

  1. Uh wait didnt he say last week he was tired of all of this and now he post this. I cant keep up with this new generation of entertainers. They are really trapped in craziness, they want to be left alone but then they cant function unless someone is giving them attention and adoration. I just dont know how any of it works anymore. I will be the first to donate 25 cents to his 401K retirement fund. He like so many others before him is bored and tired but he is a whole cottage industry now and if he stops many people will lose their jobs, and he has probably signed contracts into 2035 so he has to keep going. It will only be a matter of time before he will be sitting around the circle with Dr. Drew. #FixItJesus

  2. Do remember that he is paid by Calvin Klein to advertise their products. He has an endorsement deal. He still does look sad though. He’s probably thinking, why did I take that big ass check. Now I got to be on here half naked driving millions of girls (and guys) crazy. Poor me. 🙁

  3. Sad, because he actually had a good album and some good jams from a few dance music producers this year, and THIS is how he repays the fans by treating them like shyt?!
    I won’t lie, “What Do You Mean” “I’ll Show You” and “Sorry” are two tracks I really like.
    Perhaps he is beginning to see the downside to celebrity status, no real friends/family in his corner, and this is his way of rebelling.
    I say step away gracefully, get your shyt together, and try to comeback later when you’ve matured.

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