Tamar Braxton Is About To Get Really Really Real

tamar-braxton-love-and-warso as you know,
tamar braxton got fired from “the real”.
allegedly she was getting into it with producers.
i’m sure there is more to this story than what is being said.
well you’ll get to hear tamar’s side soon.
this week on thursday at 9pm,
that’s when!
check the trailer for “braxton family values” via the shade room

“i don’t know what i did…”


i’m a little confused tho.
how did she get fired last week,
yet this is already up for discussion on this reality show this week?
aren’t seasons usually pre-taped?
or is this a special “braxton family values”?

look my f-bi mind is saying…

this was a big scheme to get her off the show.
isn’t this show produced by her people?
maybe she was over it and wanted to focus on bigger things.
she has a cub i’m sure she doesn’t see much because of her schedule.
what better way to get people talking is with a dramatic exit.
tamar loves the flair of the dramatics.
it gives for a lot of talk,
more ratings,
more tamar,
and more “what’s next???!?!?!?”.

tumblr_mo3sinBoTu1rc8xd6o1_500…or it could be completely innocent,
that mouth of hers got her canned,
and her coworkers are giving god the glory she is gone.


we sha’ll find out soon.

lowkey: surprise when i went to her twitter…

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 9.22.15 AM

i never said anything nasty about her.
i actually love her music.
that second album with “love and war”>>>>>

well thank god i don’t watch “the real” or her reality shows.
i may have been insulted.

video credited: the braxton family values | the shade room

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Is About To Get Really Really Real”

  1. Aw I see someone is real PETTY, not blocking you on Twitter though, J you have arrived. I dont know much about this chick, I have only seen a few short online clips of her shows, never a full episode but I do know that it is a lot of little young and some old gay dudes running around acting like her and using her lingo. She acts like a hoodrat with a little bit of money, much like her nemesis K. Michelle and others of this generation of female entertainers who are known more for their antics than actual singing. I am sure she is going to be okay and able to pay her bills she aint the first person to get fired, she should be able to get her unemployment until something else comes along.

  2. Damn she blocked you, but to be honest I like Tamar but she can be way too much sometime. I have been an avid watcher of their reality show since season 1 and almost every time their is an issue with the sisters she is the common denominator. I’m pretty sure this Braxton Family value is a special they just filmed, they have filmed specials in the past.

      1. Agreed. While we all know that she was the “breakout” star of their first season…she has become progressively arrogant and entitled each season. She is talented, but the over the top attitude and antics get tired REALLY quick, and not many people outside of the family will tolerate that. I think she sees it now.

  3. “Tamar Braxton Is About To Get Really Really Real”…..maybe if reverse plastic surgery is involved…if not, this is merely impossible…but that’s neither here nor there…

    Shit, the otha hosts prolly got tired of her ghetto, exaggerated, half-the-time unintelligible “Tamarisms” on the daily and secretly campaigned against her too…like I just always wanted to snatch her “muppet ass face” (thank you CB for that) thru the screen on any segment she unfortunately spoke on…

    With all that said, I do like her shit that gets airplay, dunno bout the rest if the albums…

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s real, everyone knows Tamar acts like a bratty diva. It can be funny and entertaining, but it gets old fast. Only her husband can deal with her mouth 24/7. I commend that man, he has some patience.

  5. I have a feeling it’s a combination of everything you named. Tamar has the tendency to be over the top and not give a damn. I’m sure she probably wanted to focus but who knows. Her and K. Michelle are exactly alike I love their singing voices and they make good music but their personalities are something that I can not get behind.

    P.S. Something tells me she blocked you so she can be in control of the conversation over herself. I mean you keeps it real and she can’t handle the truth and while you have never posted anything negative about her in the past she probably thought from the situation it was coming. Either way you never know who’s reading your blog lol

  6. She’s known for her personality more than her music. Not a good thing.

    She lacks Toni’s more demure personality.

    The thing is, the reality tv thing is going to end inevitably and real reality is going to hit her hard.

    At least she married her meal ticket though.

  7. Braxton Family Values are filming now.They film January through August.Toni was just on snap chat a few days ago and they were filming her.They normally air episodes months after they are filmed but of course they are going to capitalize on this for ratings.So they are showing this episode now and will postpone or scrap the episode they previewed last week.

    1. ^^ I’ll take Toni too! I still don’t know any of Tamar’s music, and have never been inclined to. lol.

  8. The truth is this did not just happen. The show is on off-season and probably has been for a while. The news of the firing may just have leaked to the media outlets, but Tamar already knew before the past week I can assure that. Y’all remember when Porsha was demoted on season 7 of RHOA? She said she was blindsided and did not expect it, but she knew before hand and just played it off.

    Tamar’s career will be fine tho, and she will probably will be doing something else soon. I will give her credit musically because has is talented and has sold albums.

  9. I don’t know (or really care) what the real story is IF it gets Tamar to focus on her music. She’s too talented to let that go to waste. “Calling All Lovers” was severely underrated but I understand things happen. In addition, while I will admit I love all the Braxtons, Toni can be quite the diva too but her reserved personality allows her to get away with more…

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