Kim Kardashian Squashes Some of Her Many Rumors

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 4.29.24 PMso as you know,
kim kardashian comes with a ton of rumors.
i mean where do we start?
well she took to twitter to address some rumors of 2014…

oh ok.
well i have a few other rumors she missed since she was sharing:

was her ass altered on paper magazine?
does her ass have a life of its own?
does her face have any movement?
is her mother part of the illuminati?
is chris brown allegedly secretly bangin’ kylie jenner?
or is kendall?
why is her mother letting an underage kendall get allegedly banged by tyga?
is bruce transforming into a woman?
1417706801_bruce-jenner-zoomor is that a very awkward mid life crisis?
why is kourtney poppin’ out all these kids to that deadbeat?

why is khloe bangin’ french montana of all people?
is she known as “the big one” around the house?
did rob and his old butt cheeks bring all the wolves to the yard?

…and i’d actually like her to address this rumor:

la-modella-mafia-street-style-2013-menswear-chic-Kanye-West-and-Riccardo-Tisci-of-Givenchy…so can she touch on all of those things?

giphy…okay or not.

lowkey: how can ye be so obsessed with her…
but he is barely with her?

screengrab taken: twitter

picture of bruce jenner taken: us weekly

8 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Squashes Some of Her Many Rumors

  1. She claimed the West’s were at home cooking, watching movies and it’s the best way to ring in the new year but previous to that, she had just said she was “bored” which is why she was online. Guess she hadn’t had her attention fix for the day. If your with your child how you claim to adore and you and your husband are so obsessed with each other. How can you ever be bored??

  2. You think if she was “at home just watching movies and cooking and trying to bring in the new year right” as she claims. she wouldn’t be on the Internet looking at rumors of herself. that’s so negative, why negativity into the new year

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