This Be The F*ck Sh*t I Be Talmbout

cff6687b390bf2f1e1643d67451a3a5df76bc40e50787902f631f2ffso i turned a fuck shit situation at work into a positive.
you all would be proud.
i won’t lie and say i wasn’t lowkey heated tho.
so for new year’s eve,
everyone was told that they could leave early.
around like 1pm or so.
liar liar allegedly sent it out in an email.
mine must have gotten lost in cyberspace…

…because i never got the email.
she actually sent me a ton of work to do in the morning.
so i’m there doing all this work and i see everyone packing up to go home.
i was completely confused.

“yeah she said we could all bounce.
she said yesterday you can’t leave because you have to make up a day.
if you leave,
you don’t get paid.
boss lady apparently told her that,” the new wolf said.

she wasn’t gonna tell me anything?

Excuse-Me-Im-Out-Reaction-Gifmy boss is on vaca until next week so how did they speak?
i got up to go find her ass,
but she was long GONE after she sent the email.
i didn’t even know she left.
see this be the fuck shit i talk about.
maybe its good she left because i would have went in on her ass.
well when everyone left,
i stopped doing shit.
i was alone in the office.
it was just me and the cleaning people.
so i caught up on “gotham” before it was time for me to go.
i got paid to watch my shows online.
easy money.


Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “This Be The F*ck Sh*t I Be Talmbout”

  1. Hope you documented it. First, for her to be discussing your situation with other employees is a no-no. Bring that up. Second, for her NOT to tell you that you needed to make up the time is ANOTHER no-no.
    If you knew someone in IT (like I do), see if they could send you or verify the fact that you were left off the email list.
    The last straw was leaving you in the office by yourself. As long as an employee of hers was still in the office…she was supposed to stay there as well.
    It’s 2015, man…time to start fighting fire with fire. Document your shit and throw it in their face EVERY chance you get. Once they see that you keep track of shit, she will tread carefully. She may not necessarily stop, but she will tread very carefully when messing with you. She is a company’s worst nightmare, because she is the type of supervisor/manager that can cause a lawsuit. So again, document everything with those people.

  2. Liar liar and the boss lady need slapped, hard. I hope their blood flow is Noah’s ark level bad when that time of the month comes.

  3. If only there was a fine wolf for you to flirt with as you were there watching Gotham, than you would have been getting paid for that as well. Lol

    Screw her and your boss they are just some hateful people and I hope this new year you can move on from them

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