Travis Cure and JJ James Are The New Wolf Pack

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 6.05.49 PMlook at god.
look at what he does for us.
so travis cure rung in the new years with jj james and well...

…and well i pre came.
imagine walking in a party and seeing these two in there?
jj james in that lust red.
travis in that “cum get this pipe” black.
look at their upper bodies in those shirts…take-mei can’t even deal.
this wolf pack looks like trouble.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: i wonder if they both rung in the new year getting cooch?
lets salute whoever those vixens are that got smashed!

*pictures credited to travis cure and jj james

18 thoughts on “Travis Cure and JJ James Are The New Wolf Pack

  1. Damn damn damn!!! I love these two!! So sexy and fine!!! I just wanna be pressed in middle of them.

  2. Yes Something about both of them kissing that baby does something to me. Like a couple and a new baby.

  3. Damn I know I am wrong, but when I saw that pic of them 2 kissing that baby last night on IG, I was like are they a couple and this is their new baby. Talking about the sex tape of all sex tapes. Str8 lurkers please forgive me, because I know yall will run back and tell them we are over here lusting hard for them. Travis is the truth, my favorite of the two.

    Is this the new trend for 2 equally fine muscular (str8) dudes to run together in packs, or more than 2 in Braylon Edwards case. There use to be a time, when only one wolf stood out in the pack, but more and more all the dudes running together are equally ripped.

    P.S. Im guilty of wearing shirts like this now that I have hit the gym and have a little chest and arms LOL!

  4. Excuse me as I wipe the drool away from my mouth.

    The NYE party I went to last night was packed with nothing but sexy college wolves. I literally was just starting with my mouth open ready to pounce.

    1. They live in Fineassniggaland also known as Atlanta. Well Travis does I dont know about JJ

  5. I never notice it, but Travis has nice thick ass eyebrows. But those shirts they are wearing is so damn sexy. I know they must smell so damn good when you slowly walk pass by them .

  6. Travis is a handsome chocolate botha…but JJ just does it for me with them lips!
    And yeah, those shirts accentuate their upper bodies WELL!!

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