Chris Brown Does A Hipster

chris-brown-pitbullchris brown has tried his hand at many looks.
i personally like the “takers” era.
that was when he looked healthy and “bath and body works”.
he has also had many hairstyles.
so chris and tyga are both coming out with a joint album this year.
it will be called “fan of a fan: the album.
well they released a promo shot and chris has gone hipster

anigif_enhanced-buzz-25678-1345041094-6…i can dig it.
now are those locs real?
i swear he just had a fade a while ago.
i think…
he has been wearing a lot of fitteds lately.

pictures take: vibe

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Chris Brown Does A Hipster”

  1. He looks good as fuck in that top pic…but the pic with Tyga…just not feelin’ that one. He still looks bummy and lost. He’s just seems lost right now. This kat should have had the entertainer crown passed on to him when MJ passed, but with the people he has in his life…his career is spiraling downward. What a waste of talent.

  2. I’m actually feeling this, he’s giving me 90s tease with it. I like that he trys so many different looks, it’s not as sexy as the blonde or his usual fade but it’s dope and by this time next year will catch on with a lot of younger blacks I bet.

  3. The dreads are not real, but they are a nice look on him. I don’t think the album with Tyga is a good look tho.

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