Apollo’s “Right Hand Chick” Who Sang

1325711 ^that is apollo’s allleged “mistress in messiness”,
gayla st. julien.

rhoaphaedraratchetusashe looks rough!
well she is the alleged “right hand bitch” who sang when she got busted.
this is a twist i did NOT see coming.
check her arrest record…
Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 3.06.36 PMvibe-vixen-kenya-moore-RHOA1_zps53066cc3hot damn.
“the united states secret service”.
here is apollo:

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 3.39.08 PMi wonder if he was fuckin’ her?

lowkey: i’m so shook that they were creating alleged debt collecting agencies.
like that shit was easy to do.
why even go on reality tv if you living foul???

it fascinates me how people could be doing illegal shit and acting completely normal.
they do all this boasting and bragging,
but committing all kinds of crimes to keep up with everyone.
smh very sad.

mugshots courtesy: arrest.org

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Apollo’s “Right Hand Chick” Who Sang”

  1. Some of the crimes he committed where the same ones he was convicted for the first time. According to what I have read about this recent situation. He was running illegal businesses and extorting money, which is racketeering I do believe. Reading over what he did, he is going to get mad time if they convict him.

    A man that fine going around committing illegal crimes. SMH.

  2. This tea has been out there. One of the ladies even wrote a tell all book.

    If you pay attention to the RHOW of reunion last season, you’ll see when NeNe was getting on Pha-Pha and was like “We all know you have secrets, you don’t want discussed” while Pha-Pha said nothing….

  3. Lets play devils advocate and say he didn’t do it, but this chick know who he is from the show and uses his past information because she isn’t mentally stable…Like look at her and look at him…where would they even be seen in public to converse…what if its like a Catfish type thing where they only communicated thru the phone and the computer…don’t all the men get paid on the show just like the women but at a smaller considerable fee…

  4. I never realized how unattractive 2Chainz is until this video, I thought money was suppose to make a person more attractive, like how Chris Tucker was from the Friday movies to the Rush Hour ones…

    1. I think his attractiveness in Rush Hour had more to do with his facial-hair.Men always look good with a goatee.There are men who automatically become unattractive when they shave all their facial-hair off.I don’t know why though.I guess it gives their face a nice balance of rugged handsomeness.

      Look at Apollo.He looks ten times better with a goatee than he does without it.

  5. Several posters @Necole Bitchie claims it varies depending on the show but some of the husbands dont get a seperate paycheck.Their wife receives a stipend in her check.Also sometimes Bravo picks up other expenses like leasing vehicles,paying housing expenses ,etc. In lieu of a paycheck
    Does anyone know how it works on RHOA? One poster on Necole Bitchie said Mama Joyce admitted she wasnt getting paid to be on the show . I dont know how it works.I just cant picture Bravo paying everybody that appears on the show a salary,the kids,sister in laws , parents,assistants,nannies…

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