Dream And It Shall Cum

incandescent-light-bulb_505so i had a dream the other night that gave me an “a-ha” moment.
one that allowed me to be pretty productive this evening…

so in my dream,
i had this idea to update the blog.
not just any update,
but add and change a few things in the “who am i” section above.
something in my spirit told me to change my “about”,
the terms of “the foxhole”,
as well as add my professional “dossier”.
so i did.
i don’t know what it means,
but i decided to listen and go head first.
so check em out and let me know what you think:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Dream And It Shall Cum”

      1. sure looks almost identical to a particular persons real resume I know Im making reference to your “dossier” upgrading your vocabulary I see, but you fall into the jackal hyena category stealing people’s swag and calling it your Ima start putting names out there!!!! You are messy, you do out people or cause reasonable suspicion about them, and you try and build your career off of the negative aspects of others lives. Thats not going to get you far in life

  1. Nice. This is my first time reading your “about”, “foxhole” and “dossier”. They are nicely done. I notice that you used the term “lifestyle” to denote homosexuals/gays/same gender loving people. May I suggest that you not use that term. “Lifestyle” implies that one’s sexual orientation is a choice. As you know, we don’t choose or sexual orientation. Our sexual orientation chooses us. It’s not a “preference”, which also implies that it’s a choice. It’s an “orientation”, which means that it’s how one is “oriented” or “positioned” sexually–heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual.

    1. ^who the hell are you sociopath?
      keep fuckin with me.
      I don’t even know who you are,
      but you know so much about me.
      that sounds like a stalker.
      let’s talk about online bullying.
      Which is illegal across the United States.


      let’s talk about the FBI and your IP address.
      let’s talk me filing for harassment and then suing you for emotional distress and slander for all these threats.
      you have been coming to my website like a damn stalker.
      harassing me and being completely disrespectful.
      creating lies and trying to intimidate me yet i have done NOTHING to you.
      that’s the sad part about this.

  2. and another thing.
    WHY THE FUCK would i sit up here and make up a resume?
    like who does some dumb shit like that?
    what would be the purpose?
    when someone wants to work with you,
    you have to provide evidence.
    what would be the point?
    ive got 5 million views.
    so what else?
    i dont need to lie and create stories for viewership.
    thats for people like you.
    a complete and utter doofus who claims to not like me but continuously comes here.
    again: you are a retard.
    stop husltin’ backwards and get your shit together because now you look pathetic.

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