Speaking Of Apollo, He Pled Guilty!

396957_original“fix it jesus”?

its back to the big house for apollo…

Apollo Nida — husband of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks — has pleaded guilty in a massive money fraud scheme … after allegedly stealing the identities of more than 50 people and laundering more than $2.3 million.

According to the US Attorneys’ office, Feds pounced on Nida last year after he and a group of co-conspirators cashed tons of stolen U.S. Treasury checks, and checks from the Delta Airlines pension fund … then laundered the money through bank accounts in the names of people whose IDs he also stole.

Feds claim Nida bilked even more cash by filing fake tax returns and obtaining bank loans against cars he didn’t own.

He pled guilty Tuesday to conspiracy to commit mail, wire, and bank fraud. He’ll be sentenced at a later date.

…but check why he did it:

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 8.21.54 PM

oprah-19(i love this oprah gif.
i might need to put this with my britney one)

no apollo next season eh?
i can see her storyline now.
“life without my adult boy.
le sigh le sigh le f’n sigh”

maybe they’ll film him getting booked.
i’m here for a good blubbering in the courtroom scene.

fantasia-praising-oi guess this means phaedra will be his ryde or die chick?
how southern belle of her.

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15 thoughts on “Speaking Of Apollo, He Pled Guilty!

  1. Personally, I feel like Phaedra doesn’t really give a fuck anymore.

    I live in Atlanta, and she’s done quite a few radio interviews, and she rarely ever mentions him. When asked if she was representing him, she said, “Hell no!”.

    I almost feel like she just used him to get some cute babies. My cousin is a lawyer, and sees Phaedra out a bit, and said they never really seemed like a couple anyway… (Again, this is his opinion, not mine. I’ve never seen them out.)

  2. Now let’s see – white collar criminals tend to get easier sentences, in softer prisons. He’s not a bad looking man, so he will have a nice thug type ‘husbands’ inside. Its a shame he’s not too bright, (he did it to keep his lifestyle) he could have a lucrative book deal afterwards.

    Oh well a fool and money are quickly parted.

  3. Did Phaedra get that mortician license to get dead people social security numbers for Apollo? That is how he was stealing other people information. They were all dead! I wouldn’t put it past Phaedra.

  4. I just don’t understand how Phaedra didn’t know about any of this. This strikes me very odd. I mean 2.3 million? Money seeming to come out of nowhere that is now here??? I feel for his sons because young boys need their dads. This sucks goat balls.

    1. Phaedra knew about it, but she was not involved. Apollo does what he wants, and Phaedra cannot stop him. She kept her hands clean this time because she has those kids now.

  5. Phae Phae little read now reversed and ran her ass over. She read herself in that “your man could be a criminal” line. Kenya was quiet because she knew in due time she would have the last laugh. Nene is next.

  6. So sad but you can only keep up appearances for so long ..when will ppl learn this *sidenote* that Fantasia gif tho !! Lol gets me together everytime i see it

    1. ^doesn’t phaedra have a ton of jobs.
      i’m confused at his reasoning.
      how will he explain blowing 8gs at the strip club?
      did she know?

      1. Apollo wanted to support himself. All men do not want to depend on women, it hurts a man’s ego.

        Just like a Wolf doesn’t want a Fox supporting him. See what I mean now? I damn sure don’t want a Fox supporting me. I want my own money not an allowance.

  7. His sentencing date is July 8th, so he will not be going right away. Phaedra will have no other choice but to move on tho. She’d be a fool to wait for that long.

      1. That was why Kenya didn’t say anything to Apollo at the reunion. She will never have to worry about him again and she knew it lol.

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