So Phaedra Won In The End?

tumblr_n565t9eRxP1qapigqo1_500so everyone remembers when phaedra unloaded on kenya at #rhoareunion.
even i said,
…and i like kenya.
kenya stood quiet and didn’t respond,
but i had to wonder if phaedra really is a “winner”?
black twitter seems to think so,
  but after looking at this interview with apollo and jamie foster brown on s2s magazine

“kenya is defnitely a likeable person.”
“she has the charisma.
she has something most men would be attracted to.”
“she has the physicality that most men would go for.”
his words.
i’m starting to think phaedra ultimately lost.
her man damn near turns into a lightbulb when kenya is mentioned/talking about her.
yeah phaedra to’ into her asssssssssssss,
but 1) she was also talking about herself
and 2) it won’t stop the fact that apollo is attracted to kenya.
kenya is his “fantasy” and pretty much his type.
phaedra knows this and lashes out at her because kenya is a while everyone is gasing up phaedra for the missile she launched at kenya,
bravo certainly exposed the bazooka apollo constantly aims at phaedra.
he disrespects THE FUCK out her life.
funny enough like kenya,
she don’t respond either.

tumblr_n53eirc17o1rrfqyuo7_250lowkey: and then running with the mighty morphin moose now?
another loss.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “So Phaedra Won In The End?”

  1. Apollo acting like Kenya not his and his wife story line it works both ways love your each others story for the show.

  2. She did lose, and she will continue to lose when Apollo heads to prison. Kenya won’t be the only one without a husband.

  3. I don’t understand how Phaedra won when her husband/sperm donor is an ex-convict now headed back to prison which makes him once again, a convicted criminal.

    1. ^all the hoodrats think she won because of what she said to kenya.
      don’t they know people don’t forget.
      once apollo has to go to jail,
      they gonna be clowning the fuck out phaedra.

  4. Whether Apollo goes to jail or not, Phaedra has two beautiful boys.So Phaedra is winning she has something Kenya wants, kids.BTW why is Kenya buying some stranger’s sperm, doesn’t she have a man? What happened to her African millionaire?

    1. She could always adopt with or without her African millionaire. Having a child is not winning. Phaedra said all that and look at her now. She has been disgraced regardless of how blithe she is with her words. I don’t wish evil on anyone but she also has to think she does not know how her kids are going to turn out because of their father.

  5. Breaking news!! Apollo Nida pleads guilty to bank fraud, identity theft, mail fraud, and money laundering. I’m dead serious.

    1. I don’t feel sorry for him or Phaedra.I do feel bad for the kids, two more Black boys growing up without a father.I wonder how many years he will get, 10+?

      1. They are now saying he is up for thirty, but I doubt he will serve that much now that he has accepted the plea. At first they said he was facing up to twenty so…He will at least get ten years, and I’m being generous. I do not feel sorry for him or Phaedra either, only for the kids.

  6. Oh and Porsha issued just an apology to LGBT community because God loves everybody 🙂

  7. Apollo wants Kenya, he’s going to jail and Phaedra is still ugly. What Phaedra said toward Kenya wasn’t anything shocking or anything worth hi5-ing her over (not to me at least). So yeah, Kenya pretty much wins.

    1. Kenya ain’t the only one without a husband either. I doubt Phaedra will wait for him. She’d be a fool to do so. He’s going to be gone for a long while this time.

  8. How does Kenya win though? If nothing else, Phaedra at least has(or had at this point) a man to lay with her to have children. I can’t say it was the best choice though. You are really trying to make Kenya happen huh?

      1. Phaedra will divorce his ass, she probably already has the papers drawn.She will get a “real” man.Unlike Kenya with her fake boyfriend (Walter) and fictitious boyfriend (African Prince).

        1. ^but yc,
          phaedra looks like a clown.
          yea kenya may not have a husband or kids,
          and I’m not saying she is a winner,
          but phaedra is a lawyer who got with a multi time criminal.
          she tolerated crazy disrespect on camera with him.
          straight spittin’ fire at her ass.
          now she is a statistic single woman with two kids and a “ex” husband in jail.
          all while pitching this “southern belle/christian/perfect” life.
          doesn’t seem like the american black dream to me.
          so like kenya,
          she’ll also be sitting at the husbandless table next season.

    1. You are really trying to put Kenya down huh man? SMH. You can’t call us out for trying to make Kenya happen, when you are trying to make a case for Phaedra who is no good either. She is just as bad. Phaedra was the mastermind behind the first incident which got Apollo convicted. Remember that bro?

      I won’t call not having a man to have children with a loss just like I wouldn’t call marrying a convict who is soon to be a two time convicted felon a win, not to mention raising two boys on your own because of making poor choices.

      1. Honestly, most of their have a lot of room for improvement. Kandi and Cynthia (to some extent) are the only two that don’t really have any significant moral issues. I just don’t see how she won when she is among the lead of the pack (with NeNe) when it comes to those issues.

  9. Idk why Kenya let Phaedra get in her ass like that. I could have thought of so many comebacks to ctrl alt delete and shut that shit down. You are right Jamari in the fact that Phaedra knows Apollo wants Kenya, she just wont admit it.

  10. this is what scares me about relationships….how you gon’ be with me but someone else WE know is ur fantasy. F that…go be with them then.

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