So Phaedra Won In The End?

tumblr_n565t9eRxP1qapigqo1_500so everyone remembers when phaedra unloaded on kenya at #rhoareunion.
even i said,
…and i like kenya.
kenya stood quiet and didn’t respond,
but i had to wonder if phaedra really is a “winner”?
black twitter seems to think so,
  but after looking at this interview with apollo and jamie foster brown on s2s magazine
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How To Lose Fans and Get Hunted on Twitter (The Mighty Moose)

themightymoosehuntingbesides kenya moore getting her ass roasted tonight on stage,
the moose was getting that ass roasted on twitter…
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“I SAID WHAT I SAID!” Le Moose Said.

mooseantlerso tomorrow is the final day of fuckery that is the #rhoa reunion.
wrapping up what was a pretty good season and a eventful reunion.
the husbands/future divorcees will show up who cares to give their opinions,
but this spat with kandi calling out moose is one of the highlights…
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