“I SAID WHAT I SAID!” Le Moose Said.

mooseantlerso tomorrow is the final day of fuckery that is the #rhoa reunion.
wrapping up what was a pretty good season and a eventful reunion.
the husbands/future divorcees will show up who cares to give their opinions,
but this spat with kandi calling out moose is one of the highlights…

i don’t understand how these people let moose scream at them like that.

rhoa-623-nene-face-01kandi voice all trembling and shit.
c’mon kandi let her have it!
i noticed whenever people are wrong,
they hoodrats start trying to talk over you and throw insults to shut you up.
you ever notice that?
moose always seems to do that from my observation of her.
maybe kandi should borrow kenya’s bullhorn?
i find it funny how moose could say it was “low to drag someone down the street”,
but then applauded porsha for doing the same.
our loveable contridiction of a moose.

watch the finale sunday (5/4) at 8pm on bravo

clip from: bravotv.com

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on ““I SAID WHAT I SAID!” Le Moose Said.”

  1. I just watched that clip. Nene ain’t shit, and Kandi was not backing down from her. Nene thinks she can say and do whatever she wants, but the moment you buck up to her she is angry.

    S/N: Apollo is heading to the big house. He wanna beat Brandon to a pulp and stump with the big dogs, he will have his chance soon. Gayla St.Julien, his accomplice was sentenced to five years in prison recently. Yup, she sure was. Apollo could possibly face up to twenty years if he is convicted. Phaedra will be doing a lot of crying next season, I can assure that, and I do not feel bad for her because she had to know about it. The kids are going to have to suffer though, that is the sad part. SMH.

  2. Nene is a the biggest hypocrite on the show. She lost me when she kept calling Brandon a queen. Doesn’t she speak the “queen’s” slang? Doesn’t she like to throw “shade” from her ivory tower? Doesn’t she like to “tell the girls about themselves” but not have it the other way around? She is loud, pretentious, mean spirited, and ghetto fabulous on the show. I don’t know if she is like this in real life, but her actions on the show and her reactions to others confronting her gives me the impression that this is how she is for real.

    I don’t think she knows about friendship either. I’ve encountered people in life like that. They want you to be their for them, endure their bullshit, but can’t take one constructive criticism about them. They want you to cheer and support them while giving the appearance that they are doing the same for you. Deep down inside I believe she has a narcissistic complex.

  3. You can tell NeNe is a very insecure woman, who grew up without any love, or appreciation of self. No one probably ever told her that she was beautiful, she mattered, she was somebody and she has grown up to be a bully who hides behind this tough exterior but she feels inferior to others who are beautiful, talented, educated, because she does not feel that she is any of these things. She puts on designer clothes and shoes and has a fake haughty attitude and fools herself in thinking she has arrived. People see right through the fakeness, no amount of designer shoes, clothes and bags can hide the fact that you are low class and uneducated. White America is laughing at her and not with her. They love to mock the sassy Black woman with a bad attitude. She has managed to turn Black America off with her coonish antics. She cant admit that she is ever wrong and can never apologize. I wish someone would drag her by that Dolly Madison wig and bring her back to reality. She is like your low class cousins, they are fun at family cookouts because they can play spades, talk and cuss and know all the latest dances, but you dont want to see them no where else outside of family functions. I wish they would lock this nasty beast in the basement and not let her out except to pee.

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