You Can’t Even Be Gay In The Animal Kingdom!

i would be so mad.
if i was getting my back blown out by a king,
in a bush over in africa,
while some pervert snapped a picture of us.
where is the respect???
i’m sure these two lions in the following story are peeved!
not a lion and lioness either.
two gay lions.
you read right.
this is the story an f-bi set me via ny daily news
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“Cum On Baby? Take This Big Ass Pipe, Please?”

tumblr_mq1rkdq1df1qipf3oo1_500this is for all the size hyenas out there…
so everyone likes a big monster pipe.
i personally don’t,
but i know a few who do.
i won’t knock.
well everyone meet sorence owiti opiyo.
he has a big ass pipe that no one wants to touch.
maybe you will?
the following came from the daily mail


now that’s out the way
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“I SAID WHAT I SAID!” Le Moose Said.

mooseantlerso tomorrow is the final day of fuckery that is the #rhoa reunion.
wrapping up what was a pretty good season and a eventful reunion.
the husbands/future divorcees will show up who cares to give their opinions,
but this spat with kandi calling out moose is one of the highlights…
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