How To Lose Fans and Get Hunted on Twitter (The Mighty Moose)

themightymoosehuntingbesides kenya moore getting her ass roasted tonight on stage,
the moose was getting that ass roasted on twitter…

so that half assed apology for calling brandon a “queen”?
that line about the gay parade to greg?
“should i pull your pants down and kiss your ass?” to andy?
tumblr_mm3egav0w41rhi0rbo1_250i could literally hear the unfollows.
don’t get that ass rifled moose.
you think kenya is the most hated,
but you ain’t too far behind.
maybe ahead?
the moose needs to be brought down to size.
dem antlers getting real big over a cancelled tv show/reoccurring role.

lowkey: is it me or is calling a gay men a “queen” emasculating?
people need to realize all gay men are not the same.
yet say all the blacks are the same and watch that happens live.
i retweeted these two opinions tonight during the #rhoa twitter viewing party:

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 10.48.12 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 10.48.01 PM#facts.

lowkey: i smiled that sheree retweeted my tweet tho:

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.05.35 PMi could do with her comeback on the show.

12 thoughts on “How To Lose Fans and Get Hunted on Twitter (The Mighty Moose)

  1. “Allegedly” Kenya was over the reunion at the point, because after Porsha pull her hair (i refuse to call that a fight), Apollo’s goonies stole her and Miss Lawrence’s items. So that would explain Kenya’s nonchalant disposition. In the end I think Kenya won, you can’t make fun of people’s infertilities, and child hood abandonment and think it’s okay. She wasn’t trying to fuck Apollo, Apollo was trying to fuck her, so that’s where Phaedra’s anger you should have been aimed at.

    and FUCK LeMoose, she’s annoying! God I need somebody to bring her back down to earth.

  2. I had recently started watching the show and I cringed at Apollo’s entire whatever you wanna call it. Especially when out of no where, he’s like “You need to wash your feet because they’re dirty.” I frequent a forum that talks about this show and the posters always said Apollo has the mind of a 5 year old. I didn’t noticed until this reunion.

  3. Phaedra got her digs in but she loses overall

    She’s married to a criminal who going back to prison, and it’s obvious he does not like or respect her anyways.

    Phaedra a very sad one

    1. Did you how he cursed her? You know what he does in private right? That was not the first time he has done that to Phaedra. Apollo deserves whatever time he gets behind bars. I just want him to go already. He is an asshole.

    2. ^i CRINGED at everything he was saying to Kenya.
      from “im your story line” to “put money on his books.”
      that simple nigga lost his damn mind!
      maybe it was good kenya kept quiet.
      with people like him,
      he might black out and try to hit her.

      1. He could have hurt her…glad she didn’t say anything to him. He is one pitiful loser and anyone who defends him including his ‘wife’ Phaedra is a sad sad loser. Kenya official put an end to the whole Phaedra storyline last night. By the time the show comes back on he’ll be in jail end of it.

    3. I’m surprised Kenya just took that especially cruel read from Pheadra. Isn’t Kenya from Detroit? Pheadra want to talk about not knowing if Kenya’s sperm donor is an ax murderer while her children’s father is a confirmed convict, cheat and dummy.

      She was so desperate for a baby, she took the first attractive light skinned dude that would put up with her.

      Her kids could come out just as stupid. She better watch it.

  4. J, I follow you on twitter and I saw you keeping up with this Country Fried Ratchet Ghetto Mess, whatever can be said about tonight’s show, it was highly entertaining. Phaedra Parks read like a old school queen from back in the “Paris is Burning” days. Looks like Ms. Lawrence would have tried to school Kenya at least a little. They put her ass over an open flamed and roasted her to extra crispy tonight. Poor NeNe, she is somebody who has come to believe she is powerful, and invincible and since she has a million twitter followers she can do whatever she wants to do. Her attitude as previously discussed is disgusting and everyone on Twitter tonight has been predicting her fall from grace. She has not a clue on how social media can literally ruin you over night and she is on her way to ruins. She will be lucky to host parties at Jenny Cho’s House of Wings, Auto Parts, and Lacefronts by the time she finishes her reality TV run. And if her gay fans turn against her its a wrap for sure.

  5. I don’t think calling a gay man a queen is emasculating per se. I think it has to do with context. Like they were saying, she used it in as an insult. I think it’s okay to call a gay man “queen” in a playful way.

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