The Most Awkward Kiss Ive Ever Seen


is this the most forced kiss you’ve ever seen?
or is it just me?

gerald looks sprungggggggggggggg off sumin’ tho.
you see his eyes and that slight grin?
that don’t look awkward.
derrick eyes looking like he know he been blowin that 47 year old back OUTTTTTT.
we know that “look” foxes.
we know.

cher_falls_off_bedso i guess this confirms that derrick is taken then?

lowkey: i kid.
i kid.
maybe the cameramen egged them on to kiss?

photo courtesy to whomever it belongs to.
thank you new foxhole member jay for his f-bi skills finding the picture.

Author: jamari fox

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47 thoughts on “The Most Awkward Kiss Ive Ever Seen”

  1. I think we all need to agree that basketball playa and football players are only interested in white. Gay or str8.

  2. I thought highly in a way he’ll be a good example.. This is disturbing on so many ways.. I just can’t. Call me when he found his way. Still young at 22, hey I did crazy things at that age.

  3. Can’t say I’m surprised tho. It’s the trend for a black gay celebrity to have a non black lover. Moving on

      1. All I can say is if dis was my son..This man would have some slain in to do.. no this wouldn’t end yaso./here. I hope for Derrick at 22 that he is focused on building a life for himself, some of these old white men are predators for Black men..Derrick if you come upon this I say you are welcome to date whoever you chose, just do not be naive to believe that you bare probably this guy’s first black yute…good luck, and don’t allow yourself to be the new poster bwoy for the politically correct gay mob, who want to use you to fulfill their unwritten agenda. Have your own life, you are 22 yute, don’t be the laughing stock/ poppyshow.

  4. But I’m not surprise if they are sleeping together because gay men are easy in bed.

    1. What do you think happens during those NYC weekend getaways between the both of them? Gerald…LA/NYC and DG…MA/NYC…..sweet meet ups, eh.

      1. It most likely they are cause I have experience with older white guys that play those games “I just want to be your friend, but can I just say you are a very handsome young man.”

    1. LMAO. He still has it. DG is just trying to figure his way through this. It shall pass!

  5. I literally have no words for this, and Im just gone stay silent on this one because it has disturbed my soul.

      1. ^denise thank you again!
        you have been really helpful with your insight on this scandal.
        keep on because we’re definitely listening.

  6. Love is love y’all. Look at them. I can tell it’s gonna last forever. Let’s make them the number one gay power couple in Hollywood.

    Love has no color, no gender, no age, and no species limit. How about all of us just take our clothes off and fuck until Jesus comes back.

    I’m feeling the love guys. I love all of you, even the lurkers reading my comment. Let’s stop labeling ourselves gay and straight. Who you love has no label. It’s just who you love.

    I love Jesus. I love Buddha. Hell, I love Krishna too.

    I’ve been bitten by the love bug y’all.

    1. I don’t think they are in love. If they were or even dating then they would close their eyes and tilt their heads to the side for a true kiss. This is nothing more than a simple friend kiss..

  7. We should be glad that the media doesn’t seem to care (yet) *knocks on wood*

    1. Would I be wrong if it was reported it to MediaTakeOut and TMZ? If so, I can’t take it back. It has gone VIRAL now!!! Kissing pictures and all.

      1. I’m confused what is you goal or intent in going to a homophobic site like MTO? I wouldn’t do that to my sworn enemy.
        People need to calm down.These are consenting adults in a consensual relationship.No crime is being committed.
        Do I think they are an Odd Couple? Yes but that is my issue, my prejudice.Not their issue

      2. First of all…who said that “I” went to MTO?!!! So, don’t assume what you don’t know.

      3. First of all YOU brought up MTO I didn’t.I didn’t assume Anything.I asked why would you even ponder, for a second, sending this story to that homophobic website. Whether you sent it or not is besides the point.The fact that you thought about it speaks volumes.

      4. I brought it up because it was trending on twitter. Don’t tell me what my thoughts are! You don’t know me, or know if I know him personally. He is a jovial kid and I wouldn’t dare do that to him. To bad you didn’t read between the lines before you became so busy trying to tell people about their mentions. Moving on now…

  8. Merci beaucoup Jamari for the acknowledgement. I LOVE your blog.
    @The Man, you are so right about not giving this too much. I feel fine but I kind of don’t trust what the media and those gays in power with an agenda may do to this young black dude here. Its not about him being with someone white, its that I can see agenda and sensationalism written all on this. They will use him and spit him out. But hey its his life so C’est la vie.

    1. Yeah Jay, my BP went up! I wouldn’t want to see him get hurt. He is sensitive you know.

      1. He may be sensitive, but he needs to be smart. I just don’t trust this. I mean here you have a 22 year old black dude from the hood in NJ who up to a couple of months ago was uncomfortable with his sexuality and now he is not only kissing a man in front of the camera but its a Hollywood actor who is twice his age. That just don’t seem right. But hey both may be using each other so again C’est la vie.

    2. I understand that you are speaking from an exploitation standpoint. However, a part of me feels as if ya’ll are dragging this out because he is with a white man. I don’t care what no one says. If he was dating Idris Elba who is a few years younger than this man, would it be a problem? No. If Derrick was ugly no one would care either. I know what the deal is. If Derrick wants an older white man, then that is what he wants.This relationship is already established, and it is too late to try and save him from possible exploitation. Interracial dating involving gays who are out of the closet are not uncommon among famous people. I am discreet and I am not famous, nor do I want to be, which means this does not affect me in any way. I have to realize that I cannot save everybody, and I just need to be focused on saving myself from harm because I get tired of preaching to others all the damn time, I truly do. It is very draining, and I have to stop caring about other people’s lives. It’s not me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. I wouldn’t care if he’s white, black, purple or pink. That’s not the issue here.

  9. Yea, that kiss was forced. I’ll leave it at that. You know, I was shocked to see that the thread below has over sixty comments. Don’t give it all that guys, please don’t. It is not even worth it. Let Derrick do him, and we should just sit behind our computers and laptops and do us.

    Not Derrick’s or anyone else’s personal decisions affects my personal life. I’m not worried one bit. I’m Intelligent, Fine, Confident, and Mature, that makes me a quadruple threat man. I’m good over here and you all should be as well.

  10. I agree that it’s forced. It doesn’t say I’m tapping that ass all night. Maybe Derrick is using this guy for a come up. Whatever it is…who are we to judge? I personally will never understand how these find wolves fall for old white worn men, whales, and clockable trannys. Low key sometimes I smh and count another one lose

    1. It doesn’t have to say that, it has (tapping), and will be done again! Just may be he is using him to get drafted. Possible. Who is judging?

  11. Something about this relationship is so weird to me. I don’t mean to hate on interracial relationships or May December romances, but this has some type of master-slave dynamic to me. IDK…This kid is just too cute to be dating this guy. Gerald must be bankrolling him for real. But love does come in many forms…Anyway, Derrick looks uncomfortable in this picture.

    1. Of course he is showering him with gifts. Going back in forth from Mass & En. Why. See. is pricey. That scholarship only pays for housing, tuition and books.

    2. HELLO
      That shit is straight creep nation. That old leathery body eewww.

  12. I told you that you’ll will find out sooner rather than later. Milk money!! Boom Roasted!!!!

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