I’m Madly in Care With You


i guess “madly in care with you” is how ratchets show emotion.
so tonight was the premiere episode of lhhatl and i got prepared for it…

i came home,
fixed some good food,
opened my thot juice:

thotjuice(a whole can of ^this will have you feeling… nice),
and parked myself in front of my tv.
am i the only one who sensed some terrible and obvious acting this first episode?
especially from thott and thottette aka nikko and mimi.
when she said that bold faced lie about the “sex tape” being stolen and premiered on mto.
tumblr_m6xbpw8zJj1qbh0eio1_400i coulda sworn it first debuted on tmz.
can i get a confirm?
either way kirk is still being a bitch,
scrappy is confused and pregnant,
i’d low key let stevie j beat,
and joseline is still my ratchet spirit animal.
i’ll be tuning in.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I’m Madly in Care With You”

  1. I’d low-key let him beat too. I’m not proud of those thoughts either.

    I watched half the show and of course rolled my eyes at the “it was stolen” BS. Don’t celebrities know that it’s been told time and time again that we know that shit is a lie. The people from behind the scenes always come out eventually and give us the real scoop even though they really don’t have to because it’s obvious from the get go.

    And yes, I could see the scripted part of it all as well.

  2. Interesting first episode. It seemed a lil scripted. I said this before, but I think Kirk is kinda fine. I know I am the only one lol. However, at times I wanna punch him right in that Adam’s apple. He ain’t shit lol.

  3. I’m glad Im not the only one who notice the bad acting with Nikko and Mimi. I thought it was unnecessary when they were in bed and she was acting or the lack of it as if she was in love with him. But you can tell she still crazy about Stevie J

  4. Yeah I was only excited when wakka was shown but then he messed it up by talking lol

    My only people I can see myself kicking with are Erica and Adrian …..I was lol so hard when they told joseline that pole was from Mimi. (I wonder if it was from Home Depot)

  5. Mimi sending Joseline that stripper pole was funny as hell (childish, but hilarious)
    Waka Flocka is a cutie. I never thought that before last night lol. Pictures don’t do him justice.
    and that bartender Mama Dee was talking to was also F U I N E! He can get it.
    I no longer believe anything is all the way real on reality tv shows.

    “scrappy is confused and pregnant” JAMARIIIIIII LMFAOO.

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