The Gays Need To Be Saved From Hell, Signed Porsha

porsha-williams-in-tearsisn’t karma funny?
i’m sure she is about to do some more crying pretty soon.
so before porsha williams decided to chase reality show fame on #rhoa,
she was actually a bible thumping evangelist.
isn’t that against the religion or in the bible?
ya know in like chapter one or something.
“thou shall not participate in ratchet reality shows” or something like that?
anyway a vix-bi decided to drop off a video from tmz of her preaching.
the topic?
gays and other travesties of life needing to be saved.
yeaaahhhh buddyyy…

Before Porsha Williams thumped Kenya Moore, she thumped bibles — ranting from the pulpit about gays and lesbians destined for an eternity in hell.

Video shot roughly 3 years ago at High Praise Christian Center Ministries in GA has just surfaced, showing Porsha preaching and rambling about saving hookers, drug dealers, people who attempt suicide … and gays and lesbians.

She screams, “We’re supposed to try and save them and tell them, ‘You are worthy!'”

oprah-19 flatline?
looks like porsha may need to be saved after this.
why do i feel like this chick has been trying to get put on this whole time?
it seems like her whole situation is just fake.
i wonder what her new gay fan base thinks?

lowkey: i would love it if kordell or kenya hand delivered this treat to tmz.
my question is how could they tolerate her voice in that church?

i’d walk out.

video found: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “The Gays Need To Be Saved From Hell, Signed Porsha”

  1. That was absolutely comical. I laughed so hard. Ima be shouting “YOU ARE WORTHYYYYYYYYYYYY” all week.

  2. So if she WAS an evangelist, then she still IS an evangelist unless she told God, wait a minute. I’m gonna do reality tv. Her actions do not read Evangelist on the show. My mouth is ajar! I can’t believe it..I listen to 2 of her “sermons” and all I can say is WOOOOWWWWW…really?

  3. I can’t recall her ever mentioning God, church, etc.I heard Phaedra and Kandi mentioned God, praying, Church, etc.
    So the Evangelist drug Kenya ?
    Church Folks LOL

      1. That ain’t no fan base…. Are those same fans on Phaedra dick cause she gave Kenya the read year??

  4. I dont see nothing wrong with what she said personally i dont have anything againt gays nor lesbians you have to answer to God in the day ofjusgement those wihout sin cast the frist the words of pheadra now check that

  5. I’am a Christian African American woman, It’s so sad you can’t have a opinion. The owner of this blog twisted everything Porsha said. I do not agree with the gay lifestyle, There are plenty of black men who were delivered from homosexuality and who are married with beautiful families. I’am not a bigot or some raging homophobe,nobody is born gay . We are created in God’s image. Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins. I hate when people say gays can’t change , that is a lie from satan . To the owner of this blog please read your bible it clearly says being gay is a sin . Don’t twist my words around there are ministries and churches some of your followers should get involve with there are black men everyday getting saved and delivered from that lifestyle.At the end of the day you have to answer to God on judgement day.

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