How Much “L”s Is This For Phaedra Parks Now?

when my spirit doesn’t care for someone,
i am usually 99.9% right.
when i first saw phaedra parks on her debut on “rhoa”,
she rubbed me the wrong way.
she didn’t do anything in particular,
but her energy came off sus.
well after seasons of alleged scheming and lying,
i ended up being right.
in her latest alleged lying,
it seems she fibbed her way in being divorced as well.
remember this:

well then this happened via reality tea

So wait – Phaedra Parks isn’t divorced after all?! Not according to an Atlanta judge who decided to reverse her divorce from Apollo Nida based on technicalities.

As always with Real Housewives Of Atlanta, the details are eternally confusing. Last year Phaedra’s dissolution of marriage was signed off by a judge, but despite the fact that he’s in prison and engaged to another woman, Apollo contested the divorce by saying he never saw nor signed papers, and that his name was intentionally spelled incorrectly. It’s listed as “Apollo Nita” on the legal documents.

Well the new judge agreed with Apollo!

The judge was reportedly “troubled” by the misspelled name, but more so confused as to why Apollo believed he would be eligible to attend future divorce hearings from prisonapparently that’s not an option. TMZ says Apollo claims he was not notified of a final hearing or formally served letting him know he was officially divorced. Phaedra has denied this.

In response to the fact that she’s still legally yoked to Apollo, Phaedra’s rep, Steve Honig, issued the following statement: “With regard to the judge reversing Phaedra Parks’ divorce judgement at the request of Apollo Nida, attributed to me: ‘It’s very confusing why a man who is engaged and enjoys frequent visits with his fiancée would work so aggressively to avoid ending his marriage. Regardless, Phaedra is reviewing her options with her attorney to determine the most efficient path toward ending this marriage so she can move forward and focus on raising strong, healthy and happy children.’”

apollo “nita” tho?
you know what i find funny?


i find all four of them hilarious.
they all accused kenya moore of being a liar.
well in a twist of fate,
all four of them got caught up as liars.
it usually happens like that.
all of them were out for kenya,
tried to ruin her reputation,
banded together to embarrass her,
and threw their “successes” of marriage/children in her face.
now look at them.
kandi learned her lesson being collateral damage to karma as well.
i don’t know phaedra is up to,
but that “southern belle/high and mighty christian” act isn’t working out.
she may need a refresher.

lowkey: kenya is messy af at times,
but aren’t they all?
they were all so busy trying to ruin kenya that they ended up ruin their own.
it usually happens that way.
article taken: reality tea

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “How Much “L”s Is This For Phaedra Parks Now?”

  1. It’s strange how the seemingly successful women of RHOA continue to get bashed on this site… and I say seemingly because we only see what the cameras show us. Nene, Sheree (maybe?), Phaedra, Porsha, and Kandi aren’t anyone’s picks but they’re the only ones I hear about doing something other than the show… no props given. Kenya is crazy af, attempted to sleep with a married man on and off camera, created drama with her paid boyfriend, constantly lies and doesn’t own up to it but she seems to be the most praised. Because someone doesn’t want ALL of their business put out there shouldn’t get dragged for it. Phaedra has a right to her privacy and it should be respected like anyone else’s.

    1. If you look up Kenya More and Trois 3 u will see she sued the married man she was sleeping with on the Set.

    2. If you look up Kenya Moore and Trois 3 you will see she sued the married man that she was sleeping with on the set.

  2. I like people like Kenya , they let you know who and what they all about.
    you either like them or hate them.
    while the others will smile In your face and talk about you when you not around.

  3. Is it just me or are these ladies too old to be caught up in this foolishness for tv , I mean how much is your soul worth? Do they even think about their kids?

  4. Google Angela Stanton and it will tell you all you need to know about Southern Belle Phaedra. Also another white chick whose name escape me also made similar allegations concerning Phaedra. Angela Stanton was shut down by Phaedra with a lawsuit but after hearing her story it sounds very believable. Phaedra has some dirty secrets in ATL and it is a wonder she has been able to keep her law license. It was rumored her and Kandi both like Dope Boys and Thugs, the bigger the pipe the better if you catch my drift. I figured that is why they love the gays so much, they all like the same kind of boys, LOL. Phaedra knows damn well Apollo can bring her down and she will always tread lightly with him. That misspelling of the name though from an Attorney, is shameful anyone who knows the law, knows that legal documents will be voided if you have the parties name misspelled, people have won criminal cases for such foolishness even if they were guilty. Phaedra lies and games are slowly catching up with her. She is perfect though for ATL, everybody loves to perpetrate the fraud, and be someone they are not.

    1. Shadrea misspelled his name for a reason trust she is very smart in trying to play trickary ..She is so fake and phoney that it is a shame… I dont see how she is a christain never forgiving always bringing up the past…Forgiving is acepting it and putting it in the sea of not remebering it nomore…Im just glad shes not Jesus cause with her phoney ways A person will never be Save.

  5. The only one on the show that I even half way like is Cynthia but she likes to be a doormat for Nene and Peter too much.

    Phaedra been an odd one ever since she feels the need to lie about how far along pregnant she was.

    Kandi likes to sit around and let her people keep mess up for her ( her mama, Todd, and her male and female assistants).

    Shereé is just messy ( which I’m concived the producers told her she would have to be in order to comeback and pay for her house).

    Porsha put herself in drama that had nothing to do with herself trying to defend her frat to her frit only to be exposed herself.

    Kenya seems to like playing the victim in certain situations where she played a hand in things. While that guy Matt is clearing not good for her you can tell she does things to provoke him either on purpose or to have a storyline on the show.

  6. Myself and the rest of the foxhole will be married to the men of our dreams before Phaedra gets divorced. It is a damn shame that she is so concerned about maintaining a certain image for the people. My guess is that it is something she does not want out that Apollo has knowledge of.

    1. ^kenya definitely owns up to her nonsense.
      the others seem to lie and cover shit up.
      i never had an issue with kenya unlike others.

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