can someone explain to me what’s going on with black panther (chadwick boseman)?

when i was working at “the plantation”,
which was my last job,

i lost a lot of weight due to stress and anxiety.
i was throwing up all my food after i ate anything.
at my going away party,
i saw a picture of me and cried.

I was so skinny

since i’ve been unemployed and relatively stress-free,
i’m back to looking healthy again.
so i wasn’t in the mood tonight,
but a vix-bi sent me something i couldn’t ignore.
chadwick boseman has been getting pretty slim since “black panther”.
this latest video that he posted on his ig,
which he was sharing how he was giving back on “jackie robinson day”,
in which he played in the movie “42“.
it was a wonderful message,
but i was so distracted on how he looked in the video…

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Is Tremaine A Smaller Snack Now?

i think the stress has been getting to tremaine.
tremaine is one of those “slim thick” joints.
when he bulks up,
he is an all around snack.
i love him when he is “gym rat” lite.
i saw a new video he is featured in with jacquees.
it’s called “inside”:

that walk in the beginning >>>
that had to be filmed a while ago.
this is tremaine now
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Chris Brown’s Pipe Is One of The Reasons He So Skinty

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 7.26.08 PMoooooooh no.
well i do like chris brown with weight on him.
i think we all do.
i mean that ” x 2009-2010” look.
that is when he is was his most handsome-est.
anything after that was,
he explained in a recent ig comment what his weight loss regiment is.
this is a chris brown official statement
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What Diet Is Angelina Jolie On?

0672_f725_696so everyone knows i love angelina jolie.
she is definitely one of my main contenders for “spirit animal”.
well she finally got married to super wolf brad pitt,
and i’m so happy for her and all,
but what the hell is this below?…
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King James Models “Small Baller Wolf” Fur

greyr4savannah looks so cute pregnant.
so that is king james and his super baller wolf body.
you know he is a mountain of pure man.
well this is king james after taking out all the carbs in his diet…
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Arm Length and Skinny

10667817those long skinny ones can be the devil...
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