can someone explain to me what’s going on with black panther (chadwick boseman)?

when i was working at “the plantation”,
which was my last job,

i lost a lot of weight due to stress and anxiety.
i was throwing up all my food after i ate anything.
at my going away party,
i saw a picture of me and cried.

I was so skinny

since i’ve been unemployed and relatively stress-free,
i’m back to looking healthy again.
so i wasn’t in the mood tonight,
but a vix-bi sent me something i couldn’t ignore.
chadwick boseman has been getting pretty slim since “black panther”.
this latest video that he posted on his ig,
which he was sharing how he was giving back on “jackie robinson day”,
in which he played in the movie “42“.
it was a wonderful message,
but i was so distracted on how he looked in the video…

is this for a role?

i’m so confused as to what is happening.
this was him a few weeks ago:

can someone please give me an update as to why he looks like that?
i am floored.

16 thoughts on “can someone explain to me what’s going on with black panther (chadwick boseman)?

  1. people love to give their opinion whitout knowing what really happens in a real life. to mucH blablabla

  2. You gotta remember Marvel puts the muscle on them, other studios ask for them to be smaller or a certain weight. Unless they are that weight size, they don’t keep that “Marvel” look. Chadwick lost and gained weight to play James Brown.

  3. People in the comments are saying his weight lost is for a film but he’s been photographed looking gaunt many times before with no film projects to blame. So I believe there’s something more going on. His face in the video looks like someone who’s sickly.

  4. I saw him in person and he actually looks in his 20s for a 42yr. The muscle bound chadwick looks more mature and I did a double take and couldn’t believe it was him. People got to remember that these actors are not the body they portray.

  5. Actors do it all the time. A real actor commits to the scene. If it is for a movie, he’s not the first to do this but I will say sometimes actors can get too much into there scenes and end up like Heath Ledger….

  6. I’m The Fuck SHOOK!!!!! 😱 i pray this is for a role that will undoubtedly get him an Oscar 🤞🏾

  7. I heard it’s for a movie. I wouldn’t be surprised. 50 cent did the same thing years ago

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