The Cries From The Dead Are Loud on Facebook

i told myself the same thing.
something about her…”
every picture i saw of the late tonie wells,
i saw “something”.
i’m glad i’m not the only one who noticed:

i know one thing tho,
i didn’t get a bad vibe from her.
i sensed a certain pain from within her.
well tonie wells is gone and her alleged jackal is the culprit.
it seems like he allegedly tried to kill her before.
this is what the “new york post” had to say…

The man who was arrested after his wife was found strangled at the bottom of a staircase inside their Brooklyn home was previously arrested for choking her until she was unconscious several months ago, The Post has learned.

Barry Wells, 29, was arrested Sept. 21 on felony charges of strangulation in the second degree for attacking his wife, Tonie Wells, in Manhattan on July 20.

In that case, Barry Wells allegedly dragged Tonie Wells, 22, down the stairwell of a West 42nd Street building and into a closet before placing his hands around her neck, causing her to lose consciousness, according to the criminal complaint

His bail was set at $5,000 at his Manhattan Criminal Court arraignment and a temporary order of protection was issued against him.

social media is a funny thing.
i peeped this on her facebook:

…and the signs were there.
folks see this:

…and see loving couple of #relationshipgoals.
some of ya’ll thought so with beyonce too.
anyone care for some “lemonade”?
the details of this get even more heartbreaking.
these fuckin’ late ass hunters could have prevented this.
two of them have been suspended for ignoring her 911 call last weekend.
this is what a foxholer sent me from the “new york daily news”:

Police officers Wing Hong Lau and Wael Jaber were suspended late Wednesday for failing to respond to Wells’ Sterling Place home an hour before she was found dead.

Someone had called 911 at about 9 a.m. Wednesday to report Wells was screaming, “He’s going to kill me!”

Lau and Jaber drove to the home but never got out of their car before leaving.

An hour later, other cops found Wells at the bottom of a basement staircase with bruises around her neck.

that vixen is dead partly due to them.
as for barry?


Her husband Barry Wells, 29, is awaiting charges and under psychiatric observation after telling cops he wanted to kill himself.

i’d rather him sit in that jail cell and be broken down.
every time he goes to sleep,
he is haunted by tonie’s face.
the thoughts will destroy him.
he thinks he is suicidal now?
wait until…

lowkey: this is sickening…

i pray for that baby.
thanks to the foxholer keeping his nose in this story.

articles cc: ny post | ny daily news

x see tonie’s facebook for more

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “The Cries From The Dead Are Loud on Facebook”

  1. I swear there something going on with Black Men of 2017 like we need professional help. Y’all nigga doing crazy shit to these women but don’t take up your responsibility for the aftermath (A FUCKING BABY). Like do y’all think about the kids or do y’all not care help understand because people starting to give up on y’all by the second.

      1. That exactly the reason and we all know it, we just act like we don’t care until it to late. This is black people in general but the difference from black women is they have group that actually help them like black girl magic or black feminists. I’m seeing young black men becoming more depress by the minute we are speaking out more but the treat black men with depression like they treat gays like it a disease
        This is the reason why black people shift away from being black well at least one of the reason.

  2. They bet not let this fool kill himself…even if it necessitates strapping him down 24/7 w/ a catheter and colostomy bag, fuck him…he needs to live and suffer the mental anguish of his deeds…a swift death isn’t justice enuf, imho…

  3. So sad may she rip, and it’s so sad that no one could talk to this young woman and get her to leave this toxic situation. You can tell from that Facebook post she loved him and was weak to him, and she was not going to live him.

    1. ^i don’t think anyone knew.
      sometimes we don’t things will go left field because we are programmed to be hopeful.
      she hope she would leave while giving support.
      i think tonie was too far down the rabbit hole to leave barry.
      they shared a cub so they had a bond.
      it’s a shame she didn’t see the signs early one or had the strength to leave quicker.

  4. She’s too cute. However, in regards too human life, looks play no role. I for sure think the cops should get more than a suspension (which they probably will still be getting paid for..🤔) I’d go as far as firing them. Their job is too serve and protect and they didn’t do either…in the real world, not doing your job causes you to lose your job…🤔

    I’ve said (along with others) many times on several posts about the illusion that social media paints through pics. It only captures that single moment..

    Besides, we all know that anyone that composes a goal off based off of a photograph is living a pipe dream. Those are the doings of juveniles, not an adult.

    I know of one couple that used to constantly post photos online and the guys stayed bragging on his girlfriend…calling her queen, wcw in every photo… smiling happy pics but after seeing them in person, I really wondered what the real tea was with him…

    I raised an eyebrow a few times but hopefully they got it together now…

    1. ^i know of a couple who isn’t even together.
      they are taking pictures on social media like they are this happy couple,
      when they both are playing a role for their “fans”.
      they are miserable,
      but they gotta keep it “up”…

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