A$AP Rocky Likes It From The Back (or Legs Up) (or On All Fours)

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 7.57.17 PMas i’ve learned in 2015,
more wolves are embracing the “freak hoe” that lurks inside them.
more straight wolves are now open to getting their groceries eaten.
for those who don’t know what that means,
it means they like their ass eaten clean.
yes this is that kind of entry.
some get so turned out by getting it done,
they will throw their legs in the air just to have it done by a vixen.
are they clean?
have they fleeted?

now that is another story.
well it seems a$ap rocky is a huge fan of getting his groceries eaten.
marisa mendez,
co host of joe budden’s pod cast aptly named,
  “i’ll name this podcast later”,
dropped the grocery list on a$ap rocky and well…
(this entry is NSFW,

and not for the “straight” straights)


for those who want a quick summary.

ol girl slid in his dms
he wanted some pussy
she went to his spot downtown
it took him a while to let her in“shaving” is what he said
he left her for 10 minutes
he came back out and they proceeded to do what she came to do
he wanted his nipples licked
she gave him head for 15 minutes
he gave her the pipe
he came
he wanted more head and for his groceries to be eaten
she obliged
he laid on the bed and threw his legs in the air
he got up and went over to the wall and popped his bunz out


he then got on all fours and got jacked while she feasted
he wanted his nipples licked while he jerked off
he recorded but deleted (dammit)

can i judge?
it is a requirement that you eat my groceries.
sometimes i don’t even want dick.
just put me on all fours and slay me with your tongue.
you know i like that freaky shit.
i wonder when he realized he liked that tho?
maybe its a harlem thing?

i guess it takes that one excellent mouth,
and a disgusting hoe (fox or vixen) to turn a wolf completely out.

tumblr_mbwd7vvby01qi857wo1_250-1tumblr_mbwd7vvby01qi857wo2_250tumblr_mbwd7vvby01qi857wo3_250tumblr_mbwd7vvby01qi857wo4_250 ain’t that right foxhole?

lowkey: vixens talkin’ all this shit about not doing it,
and how “gay” it is,

but what if her wolf wants her to try it one freaky night?
he done ate hers clean while chompin’ on the pussy.
her asshole is literally around the next block.

does she have a right to turn him down and judge him too?
nothing is “gay” unless the same sex is involved.
eating his ass means he is nothing but a freak.
if she won’t do it,
( x some hoe will ).

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “A$AP Rocky Likes It From The Back (or Legs Up) (or On All Fours)”

  1. The world is maturing slowly. Women used to get treated like dogs for ever giving a pineapple head, I don’t hear that much anymore.

    I’m biased though, I can’t shame a vixen for doing something I do.

  2. Listen every now n then I prefer to get eaten o do the eating myself if the ass is nice cause why not? But I’m anal on how I get eaten tho like I love to get licked around, of course, but I also love it when the dude slide his two middle fingers down in my hole to spread me apart and shove his tongue to taste the inside of me. Then occasionally have him blow cold air onto my wet bootyhole to give me goosebumps and leave me bite marks on my cheeks when he’s done.

  3. Ok. This one is another that does nada for me. These chicks crack me up getting with these “hot-for-the-moment” kats, thinking they did something spectacular. I could see if he was cute too…but oh well, that’s our society now. Make a name for yourself by sleeping with someone famous and putting it out there either personally or through “friends”. LOL

  4. Joe Budden has a podcast? Where the hell have I been?

    I would have loved to watch Rocky get his ass ate, I truly would. I think it is time for him to cut his hair tho. He has had that look for a while. I am going to go out on a limb and say he will cut it next year.

  5. I’m not saying that ASAP Rocky is gay, but it sounds like he loves gay sex. 🤔… The whole licking nipples first, and ass eating while jacking off… I’ve seen this done before. LOL. The set up of every gay porn video.

  6. First our fashion, now our sexual habits, everything gay is so mainstream now LOL! Hell no comment on eating ass, as I am sure most of us have been giving or receiving since Mickey was a mouse. I do have a secret confession to make on ASAP Rocky, and I wouldnt tell anyone else but the Foxhole, but why is ASAP Rocky so damn sexy to me. I cant name one of his songs but it is something about this dude that turns me all the way on. I have had a crush on him since I first saw him a couple of years ago, he is so not the dude I would be attracted to, but he has that something I cant explain, maybe its his style and East Coast swag but whatever it is, I would eat those groceries anytime he wanted.

    1. I’m right there with you Tajan!

      Like you said physically he’s not really what I go for but the swag he has is such a turn on.

  7. I used to have my reservations about ass-eating. Why would anyone want to put their tongue in someone’s booty hole…..that is just wrong. I got ate out by a guy & liked it…The next guy I let eat me I turned to see how it looks with someone’s face buried between your cheeks…

    Funny stuff.

    I ate a guy’s ass before and thought it was alright

    That was it for me. The thing about eating groceries is that I believe it should be done with a dental dam always…I’ll eat a guy’s ass but not without a barrier..😂

    I’m boring I know..but oh well..lol

  8. I have questions. I listened to the audio and didn’t hear her say A$AP Rocky’s name, but I believe you, Jamari. Here are my questions though:

    1) Why was he so focused on if she had kids or if her friends had kids? Y’all didn’t think that was suspect?
    2) Why would he allow her to enter his home without opening the door? Talk about waiting to be robbed.
    3) Why is this guy so ugly-cute to me? Lol.

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