There Can Only Be One Girl In This Music World?

tumblr_mp4guxUdYo1ql4tzdo1_1280well tinashe has been trying to get us to like her.
i mean…
she said something recently about racism and the music industry.
she says there can only be a few black females at a time.
hell maybe only one.
this is what she told necole “no” bitchie in a recent interview…

“For me, I feel like I still have to represent the [Black] community. That has been what has been my struggle because people do feel like there is only room for one. There is a Beyoncé, there is a Rihanna, there is Zendaya, there is a Jourdan Dunn. There is a Black girl in all of these positions and we don’t need another one.

It’s just kind of ridiculous because there are like a hundred blonde, white actresses and leading ladies. There are a hundred rappers that all virtually look the same, sound the same, and dress the same and no one cares. But for some reason, when it comes to young women, they want to pit them against each other. There can’t be room [for us all]. There can’t be five Black girls winning. It’s weird.”

i agree with her.
stan culture is the main reason for this.
its ridiculous that we can only cape for beyonce or rihanna.
its like one or the other.
everyone else who even tries is a “flop” to them.
i miss the 90s and the variety it brought with vixens.
there was:

aaliyah (rip)

…and others who followed after that.
i don’t know who they are and where they went,
but i’m sure their one hit single was fantastic.
oh wait.
here is one:

…and even with the pop snow bunnies.
back in the 90s,
there was:

christina aguilera
mandy moore
jessica simpson
willa ford

…and all of them had good offerings to the music table.
some had nice one hits,
but were very enjoyable.
so i really don’t think its an issue of racism.
it seems more like “not a lot of good prospects in that genre”.



















…aaaannnnndddddddd that is the problem with tinashe.
  she is kinda boring.
like the “toyas”,
“christina milians”,
“rita oras”,
and countless other pretty vixens who sing and dance,
she doesn’t really have “it” factor.
in the 90s,
all those vixens i mentioned had variety and “it”.
even mya,
who came late had “something” that made you watch her.
my favorite mya song:

nothing about tinashe really grabs and holds my attention.
i can’t seem to want to listen to her debut album or even a mixtape.
i enjoyed her dancing for janet’s tribute at the bet awards,
but if i never saw her again,
i wouldn’t even care.
she seems like a nice chick tho,
but she just doesn’t push the meter.
well for me anyway.
so i had to ask the foxhole this question…

Can Tinashe find a place in a “Beyonce” and “Rihanna” world?

lowkey: maybe she should date someone famous.
look what it did for ciara.
no one seems to care about her music,
but will stan the fuck out of this relationship with russell wilson.
maybe tinashe should go that angle?

article quote taken: the muse

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “There Can Only Be One Girl In This Music World?”

  1. Isn’t it strange that she looks a little like Toya and what does she mean by still having to represent the black community. She acts like she has range or even remotely ground breaking skill vocally.

    1. ^she does look ike toya!
      maybe toya reincarnated into her from the music grave?

      i was lost with her representing the black community line.
      i dont even think some people know who she is.

      1. She needs to just take a back seat and write for other artists. Not everyone needs to be heard. There are plenty of talented artists Goapele, Kelela, Goapele, Jazmine Sullivan, and Jill Scott that are entitled to talk about these issues. Talk about colorism with Light vs. Dark skin and the ignorance that is around the “exotic look” in the industry in regards to the black community and how we need to over sexualize our appearances than most white counter parts don’t have to go through like a Adele, Taylor Swift or a Ariana Grande don’t need to do to be successful.

      2. ^i love the angle you came at this with.
        you are absolutely right.
        its funny but she light skin,
        and isn’t “winning”.

        ariana grande is pretty sexual for her genre.
        they play up her “lolita” image real heavy.

      3. Now they play up her sexualize imagine because theyre trying to get her out of the “Nick/Disney” look but its coming heavy pedo lol. Remember when she was just starting out and it was the teeny bobber look. Its like the took it as all things go when she started dating Big Sean, screw the image, break out of Nickelodeon’s shadow. Compared to a Zendaya whose still clean but turned activist….

  2. I find truth in what she’s saying. She probably didn’t articulate as well as some would’ve liked but what she’s saying definitely holds weight in the entertainment industry. Like I say all the time, R&B music is really in a weird space at the moment. Women who sing R&B seem to have an even harder time getting radio airplay and selling records.

    I’ve never listened to a full mixtape or album from Tinashe but I’ve heard really great things. I heard her music is a lot deeper than what her singles suggest. I recommend watching her video for “All Hands On Deck,” I really enjoyed it.

  3. Yeah I’m not really into Tinashe b/c she sounds like a less interesting version of my bae Jhene. While I do feel what she is saying, I’m with you that she doesn’t posses that real it factor and nothing really stands out about her too much. She fine but talent-wise she doesn’t hold me either.

  4. I kinda get where she’s getting at but like S&M stated above she missed a lot of key points. Most if not all those artists she spoke of are of a lighter complexion which makes it easier for them compared to their darker counterparts ( but their skin doesn’t take away from their hustle or talent) . She’s a prime example, I hear so much about her but her music does nothing for me but take someone like Tink who to me has more vocally and musically yet is still in obscurity because she doesn’t have that exotic light skin look to her.

    P.S. I love Mya, have you heared her new song she released?

  5. Thanks to Youtube and the Internet, it is so many great artist out here that these type of artist just sort of get lost in the shuffle. I could care less about any of these new artist, it is like you can shake them up in a jar or bag and they all will be the same when you pour out the contents. I now just rely on word of mouth or some mention on this blog or other internet sources for new music. I have yet to hear what this young lady has to offer, but if she had to offer anything of substance, I would probably know who she is or have heard some of her music, or maybe I have heard some of her music and still didnt know it was her, but either way I hope she has other skills because music just may not be her thing. The Ashanti, Ciara era and artist of this ilk time has passed and she may have made a name for herself if she came out during this time, but now she may wanna find artist like Teyana Taylor, Sevyn Streeter, Tiara and countless others and band together and form some kind of fan club for their music.

  6. Their some truth in what she said.
    the part that she have to represent the [Black] community. she try it.
    like the author said, you have to have the it factor, I personally feel that if you don’t have that it factor. you just another name with a pretty face.

  7. The real issue is the state of the music industry. People don’t buy music. Period. There was a point in the 90’s and 2000’s when people paid $18.99 for a CD. Lots of people were going platinum.

    The industry is shook right now. Hell, Chris Brown had to curse his fans out to buy his latest album.

    I also don’t believe Billboard and their reporting system. They keep trying to make that Jonas boy the next Timberlake. Not going to happen.

    I wish artists would stop seeking approval/validation from Billboard and the Grammy’s.

    Make your money off touring and build your base.

    1. Agreed, times are just too different now for artists to be doing the same ol’ same o’l *cough* Chris Brown *cough*. She’s not wrong about the industry either, so I agree with all of the comments above as well.
      She’s not baad, but she’s not GREAT either. I think she has a nice sound actually. I like “aquarius” from her, but then again, I like atmospheric and ambient music so that’s probably why lol.
      She has potential but also a lot of competition. I think her direct competition is the Jhene Aikos, the Weeknds, the Miguels of the industry, and she’s going to be hard pressed to beat those guys atm.
      Artists nowadays need to be really creative, unique, clever, and overall bring their A-game if they want people to buy their stuff! Like Tajan said, with youtube and social media, and outlets like Spotify, Apple Music etc. I try to find artists that bring something to the table that haven’t been heard of yet, because those underground artists are lowkey bringing it nowadays. Part of her competition is completely unseen (at least, by her). There are a lot of factors involved. I think she needs to stop talking as much and just keep working on her brand and what it’s supposed to be! Put out great content and get your name out there!

      1. #cosign with you on that unseen competition and alot of it has been pumped out from overseas ( the adeles, Sam smiths, laura mavula, daley). These people are also giving our mainstream artist a run for their money from the time they are placed on the charts.

        I do think the radio stations and djs are to blame also. I mean Adele is nice and what not but lets be real, she is definitely NOT the type of soul/funk R&B artist that should be played on majority of these predominately black stations. Yet lately it’s like an Adele agenda that’s being pushed through these stations which is not fair to people like Fantasia, Tamia, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Jasmine Sullivan. The same can said about Sam Smith also.

  8. @theboyking10…Musically a LOT of soul/funk/R&B artists have come from overseas, and had great success on these shores. A lot of artists popular in the 80’s and 90’s were from UK, both in the pop and R&B arena. Loose Ends, Rick Straker Band, Soul II Soul, George Michael and Lisa Stansfield are some that come to mind. You can’t get mad at the artists for putting out great music and having it played on our radio stations regardless of what color they may be. Not sure which radio station you listen to, but my R&B radio station here in NY (107.5 WBLS) plays many of the artists you mentioned. They play a variety of new and old school music…and on the slow jam session you may hear an obscure song here and there.

  9. I actually enjoy Tinashe’s music. She writes a lot of it and produces as well, even produced a mixtape from her own room. A lot of times, these record labels release singles that I feel dont really show the ability of some of these artists. Tinashe’s music is so haunting. But they release songs that they feel are going to be more radio friendly. Team Tinashe all the way over here.

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