Rob Kardashian Gets A Big Boy Wake Up Call

article-0-2185FE0200000578-162_634x723well i have some sad news about rob kardashian.
he has been diagnosed with diabetes.
according to tmz

Rob Kardashian was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with diabetes … TMZ has learned.

We’re told Rob wasn’t feeling well over the weekend and as his condition worsened, his family became alarmed and Rob was taken to an L.A. hospital.

Doctors performed tests and diagnosed the condition … and it was news to Rob. He had no clue he was diabetic.

Doctors stabilized him and as of this post he’s still in the hospital.

Sources close to the Kardashians say this was a wake up call and Rob wants to start 2016 healthy.

very sad.
wasn’t kim also diagnosed with diabetes as well?
( x hmm )
he really needs to tighten this up for 2016.
i hope this will help him get this again:
rob2 rob
 we like “slim with the bunz” rob.
that sloth he has become needs to go.
get better rob!
lowkey: does he like kim?
she is always so concerned about him.

i feel like he can’t stand her and is only close to khloe.
article taken: tmz

9 thoughts on “Rob Kardashian Gets A Big Boy Wake Up Call

  1. Rob obviously has some emotional issues which lead to the weight gain and now has lead to a health issue. Tajan what I’m saying is beating someone down and calling them a “sloth” or saying they “ate their former self” isn’t cute or funny. It’s just very much th reflection of gays in general to demonize the overweight. I’m just disappointed in Jamari’s choice of words.

  2. Kim can be a bitch, especially to Rob. She annoys the hell out of him some times.

    I think it’s actually kind of sad. When people hear depression they think a person is just sad, but it’s more than that. You lose motivation, confidence, energy, will, etc etc.

    I’m all for him dropping some weight, but for all the wrong reasons. His buns were on point, has anyone seen the picture of him in the dress pants. 😍

  3. This is weight gain diabetes and can easily be reversed if he takes action and gets it together with his diet and loses weight. He is clearly in a deep depression as so many who uses food in this country like a drug, he is addicted and needs help. I just watched two deeply disturbing documentaries about obesity in our country on Netflix and is time we all took our health seriously, he is too damn young and too damn big. Sorry I am not going to sugarcoat being obese when it self induced and not the result of any medical condition. I have struggle with food addiction and being overweight and still struggling but I keep getting up and keep fighting cause health is wealth. I dont feel sorry for this dude, he has therapist, nutritionist and other support at his fingertips to get better.

  4. I hope he can make a healthy change for himself. In the beginning of the show he was really cool with Kim but I think over time as she and all the girls got bigger in fame he distanced himself from her when he was going through his depression while staying with khole and Lamar.

  5. He was diagnosed with diabetes, hes not dying. sure its more than likely attributed to his weight but lets be honest, skinny does not equate to healthy either.Those who are “slim with bunz” get diabetes as well. I enjoy this site but the underhanded distain that is shown to those who aren’t muscular or have this unattainable standard of perfection is very off putting and sad.

    1. In this case, we can assume his onset of weight triggered the diabetes. It honestly doesn’t have to be that serious.

    2. Yea cause Halle Berry is diabetic and she is skinny. But damn you don’t have to have an attitude about this topic. All Jamari is saying is Rob needs to get better with proper eating and exercising which would probably lead back to his first body cause we all miss his old booty. Also the weight gain is the main reason of his diabetes because I saw some of Keeping Up with the Kardashian episodes where he ate nothing but ice creams, cheeseburgers, french fries all day, everyday. So take a chill pill.

      Speaking of old booties, I miss Rico Strong’s old booty when he was a slim thick 🙁

  6. Well damn, I thought Rob was working on his weight loss transformation, I guess not. I hope he can pull it together and lose all that weight before it’s to late.

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