Tiffany Haddish Kicked Her Shoes Off and Put Her Foot In Her Mouth

i haven’t seen “girl’s trip” yet,
but everyone is raving about tiffany haddish.
she is the break out star.
well she said something that has me wondering who does her pr?
as a newcomer,
you shouldn’t be say this via the new york daily news

Tiffany Haddish would do anything to work with her heroes — even get drugged, apparently.

The “Girls Trip” star identified Bill Cosby as one of her “comedic inspirations” in an interview with the Los Angeles Times and described exactly how far she would go to work with the man currently on trial for sexual assault.

“I still want to work with Bill Cosby, I don’t care, I’ll drink the juice,” Haddish told the newspaper.

“I’ll drink the juice. I’ll take a nap. I don’t give a damn. But seriously, I would love for him to play my grandfather in something.”

there are a few topics celebs don’t fare well with:

problematic black stars who allegedly have raped a bunch of vixens

i don’t know if she was joking,
but as a new vixen,
you gotta be careful who you offend.
you might be a breakout star,
but you can still be blacklisted as well.
choose better tiff!

lowkey: her story is deep af…

i’m rooting for her,
but i’ll need a pr staff hired on the asap.

article: new york daily news

10 thoughts on “Tiffany Haddish Kicked Her Shoes Off and Put Her Foot In Her Mouth

  1. I long for the days when shit is not taken out of context, and I see right through Gloria Allred fraudulent Ass, “F” her and Black man hating supporters. I cant with this let save the poor helpless white women narrative. Close your damn legs to married men and you wont have these problems. Dont know nothing about Tiffany, never heard of her until this movie which I have still not seen. Oh well another day, another fake ass controversy when Orange Satan is dragging us to Hell and this is the BS we worry about.

  2. She’s going to have to learn quick.

    Maybe its just me, but I never found Bill Cosby funny so I don’t the reverence people have for him.

  3. @ Jamari have you seen the vid of Kofi Siriboe in all his dark chocolateness nakedness from Girl’s Trip? lol Damn, the perv in me, wants to lick him from head to toe. And that ass is on point. lol

      1. Just went my friend to see laughed from beginning till the end!!! She killed that shit!!! All of them did. You absolutely need to see this movie.

    1. i tried to post a link to the vid from hisbootytho tumblr. Its where the vid is.

  4. Tiffany is a comedian first, then an actress. Bill Cosby is fair game. Everyone has been joking about that for a while now. Plus it was funny. She didn’t mention drugs (which was clever), but it can certainly be implied. Hell, people have been using the idom “drinking the koolaid” since the Jim Jones massacre. And it doesn’t translate to, “getting drugged”. In most cases it means that one has been mesmerized by someone/something and they are apparently not thinking independently.

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