bill cosby (the name on everyone’s lips)

there has been so much going on.
between lnx‘s kiss heard around the world,
the anti-vaxxers vs the vaccinated,
all the crime happening in different cities,
and folks about to revolt before going back into an office,
there has been a lot happening in society.
this latest twist has jumped 6 spaces ahead of all that shit…

Bill Cosby’s conviction has been overturned and he will go free.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court just ruled … there are 2 reasons why the conviction could not stand — the judge allowed prosecutors to call 5 other accusers during the trial, and Cosby should never have been criminally prosecuted based on an agreement he made with the former D.A.

As for the first reason … the Pennsylvania high court ruled it was unduly prejudicial to allow 5 women with stories similar to Andrea Constand to testify, trying to show Cosby had an M.O. for drugging women and then sexually assaulting them.

The second reason was fought hard during trial … former D.A. Bruce Castor cut a deal with Cosby that if he testified in a civil deposition he would not face trial criminally. During that deposition, Cosby made incriminating statements about drugging women, and it was presented at trial. The Supreme Court ruled the deal was broken by prosecutors.


i am baffled and confused with all that legal jargon,
but he only did 3 years out of the 10 he was supposed to do.
everyone is talmbout how he is only in there because allegedly he wanted to buy nbc.
the alleged conspiracy is that he had to be brought down by the powers that b.
this is why i tell folks scandals only last for so long.
in these forests of hollywood and social media:

There is always something else that makes something yesterday’s news.

lowkey: someone on social media said:
“it’s disgusting the number of males supporting bill cosby on my feed”.

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Author: jamari fox

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28 thoughts on “bill cosby (the name on everyone’s lips)”

  1. This is good news he never admitted to giving anyone drugs unknowingly anyway hope he sues that Crooked DA and judge

  2. I am disappointed that he has been released from prison. This super predator has been victimizing women for decades!

    The women he hurt finally had a taste of justice only to have it snatched away in one ruling.

    I understand that the ruling has legal basis, but it still begs the question… what kind of prosecutor makes a deal to give immunity to someone who admitted to drugging women he wanted to have sex with? What kind of justice was served with that decision?

    1. It’s because of proving something without a reasonable doubt. Criminal and civil cases have different levels of proof of burden, that’s why it Incredibly important during sexual assault and rape cases to give evidence within a 24 hour window. Cosbys cases involves a lot of things were out of the statute of limitation and if you have a good defense attorney, It is easy to get a lot of those testimonies that were used during his case thrown out, which were used to establish a pattern. Ultimately it would’ve ended up without his testimony and as a he said she said which in criminal cases is very hard to prove. So if Cosby never testified this really wouldn’t have gone anywhere.

      I love court cases so don’t mind me lol

  3. I’ll share what I shared way back when this all started. While driving to work, a friend and I were listening to the radio. On the radio, Bill Cosby was speaking: encouraging all people (My friend believes he was speaking more towards African Americans. I think, they was true, but was also talking to all people. He was encouraging people to stay married, raise their children, work, get off government assistance, and be good examples. At that time, I turned to my friend and shared that Bill did not understand what he’s just done. He’s been a very successful man in America, creating family shows, and is speaking for families, which “many” out there don’t want him having that much persuasion. I told my friend, his days are numbered. Within weeks of this comment, all of this began. You do the math **This was never about his conduct, real or unreal. It was always about destroying him and his legacy for what “they’re” trying to do to America.

  4. I’m glad he is out. I’m happy LNX wore a dress that looks like the crack of a ass. I’m glad he kissed a man on camera. The 45th President is out and about. He couldn’t be charged for shit while serving as President, and probably never will be charged. Bill Cosby is out. LOVELY. All these hoes throwing stones out of windows, living in glass houses, should sweep up the shards and STFU.

    1. That BET Awards performance was way better and I like the MJ tribute. That kiss on the end sealed it. He said fuck yall its Pride month, Im gay. Im kissing this dude on LIVE tv on a black network, which was aired on tvland, MTV and every other channel Viacom decided to air it on.

    1. No he doesn’t because he wasn’t supposed to do time and registering as a sex offender may have been one of the reasons he agreed to give his statement. Before Xfinity/Comcast purchased NBC Bill Cosby did offer them a bid. When that comes out and if it ever comes out, it will be as if they dug into his closet to get that story. Granted he is guilty but when you take a plea its no different than a killer making a plea for no jail time to give up the person who told you to kill somebody or whatever the case may be. Bill Cosby is no different than the father from 7th Heaven who did the same thing. Stephen Collins who played the father/pastor on 7th Heaven admitted to sexually abusing underage girls, exposing himself to 2 of them. Bill Cosby drugged grown women. Stephen took a plea and left LA and moved to a quiet town in Iowa. No court or jail time. Yet we treating Bill Cosby as if he committed murder in 5 different states. Neither one was right and only one went to jail because of the color of his skin.

    2. After getting the facts, Stephen didn’t take a plea. In fact, he was never charged! He told his therapist and confessed to possibly doing more to underage girls. He grabbed a girl hand and touched his pee pee with it. He confessed to sexually molesting 3 young girls! But Bill Cosby is the devil. We not going to even bring up R. Kelly. R. Kelly was a musical genius, like Kanye. Bill Cosby was a television show genius. They all have problems. Justice is Justice. If you are going to charge Bill Cosby, Stephen Collins should have been charged too. The fact you confessed to it should have been enough. Stephen didn’t even make a plea and he is living a free life but as long as he stay off camera, he can continue his life. Bill Cosby just lost his legacy. He can’t get that back. 7th Heaven is still on the air. The Cosby Show, thanks to Phylicia Rashad, is on the air on low level channels that you can watch on a digital converter box. With limited episodes.

      1. The Cosby show is on Amazon Prime baby far from low level and WE ARE NOT DOING THE RACE THING TODAY!!
        If you know the system is against you then why commit henious crimes. Why put your self in that position for the system to make u an example?

        Stephen Collins is a white man who lives and operates in white culture.

        If we are such Kings and Queens as we love to proclaim all over social media then when our “Kings” do something so horrid as drugging and raping then they should be held accountable regardless of their counterparts!

        1. I totally agree with you Antonio and I wasn’t using it a race card. I was using it as a celebrity card because they are both popular celebrity dads, their audience just happen to have different races. Amazon Prime is not even a channel, its a streaming service so that doesn’t count. I was talking about actual channels with a cable subscriber. You can find 7th Heaven on those channels but you can’t even find the Cosby Show on BET+ and they got EVERY black show on there. Cosby treatment was completely different than Stephen Collins because they both committed a crime and they both admitted to it. Only one was actually charged. These loopholes is eventually going to get a lot of people to say, well I confessed to a therapist or my pastor/priest so therefor you cant charge me. A crime is still a crime, now granted they can’t report them but when it comes out that he did confess, it should be something where that works as admission to the crime. This is for everybody not just Cosby or Collins. Cosby made a plea and they defaulted on it. That’s why he is free. A person can confess to killing a whole country but if the arresting officer doesn’t read him or her the miranda rights, they get off free and can’t be charged again.

      2. I believe Stephen cannot be charge with doctor patient confidentiality since the convos were recorded without either of their knowledge or consent.

        Additionally I think they’re out of the window for limitations, which is why they rushed with the one accuser for Cosby vs no one coming forward for the seventh Heaven actor. Also if they were paid prior to a civil suit they may of had a gag order where they can’t speak vs
        Cosby’s previous civil suit pay out without admission of guilt was included in his court proceedings.

        Whether I believe he is innocent or not, I do find it interesting the difference in treatment white actors who have been found guilty in a civil suit involving sexual assault which were able to pay fines and live their lives in comparison to this Cosby case, who has had civil cases in the past but which were allowed to be included in a criminal case for sexual assault. It’s all just very interesting.

  5. I will say I found this passage interesting from the justice that over turned his conviction:

    “The justices said that overturning the conviction, and barring any further prosecution, “is the only remedy that comports with society’s reasonable expectations of its elected prosecutors and our criminal justice system.”

    Like where is this energy for tactics used against individuals during interrogations and ultimately result in innocent people going away for crimes they didn’t commit.

    Like I listen to a fat Joe interview where his accountant ripped him off for roughly $1.2 million in taxes being unpaid. He informs the IRS himself and they proceeded to arrest him and charge him for tax evasion but the accountant that was a part of a ring of accountants ripping off millions became states witness and and under witness protection. It cost him roughly 3.6M with the penalty.

    1. ^woooooooooooooooooow

      this bill cosby story just opened the door for many people to see if they’re in jail wrongfully OR if they can find a loophole to get out

      1. I forgot the kicker. The judge told him that regardless if he was paying someone more knowledgeable than him in regards to his tax matters…it’s still his fault because he’s essentially the head of his household and it’s his responsibility…huh? He just gave the federal government a multi level million dollar tax Ponzi scheme and you give him penalties and jail time 😂😅

  6. As sad as it is, it’s perfectly legal.
    Same ones tweeting mad about “the kiss” are the same ones praising Bill Cosby’s release 🤦🏾‍♂️ Even tho the man admitted to drugging women I HATE IT HERE!!!!!

    Helluva week….. and it’s only Wednesday 😫

  7. I’m lost af. Maybe someone smarter than me can explain it more clearly. But, the gist of it is is that he’s being released because of a legal technicality on their end…despite being guilty af? Did I get that right?

    1. ^that is what i’m getting…

      a foxholer explained it on my twitter that i retweeted.
      it’s the most bizarre thing.
      maybe we all fell into another dimension lol

      1. Because his testimony was only given under the pretenses of never being charged, legally he shouldn’t have gone to jail. It’s like if you give someone immunity from their crimes and exchange of their testimony. Even though this deal was with the previous prosecutor and it wasn’t in writing they argued that he should have never went to jail regardless if he did it or not. More than likely due to his age they offered him to not be charged in exchange of his testimony.

        1. ^okay that makes sense to me now!
          thanks s for this breakdown!

          some of the black men are already marching in his honor so we shall see how this turns out in the next few days.

        2. Agree with Mari. Thanks for clearing that up bro 🙏🙏🙏 I was in lost city for the past six hours. Maybe I’m in the minority on this, but he definitely shouldn’t have been released. I’m sorry.

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