its time for demetrius jenkins to take a beating

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“it’s time for demetrius jenkins to get that tail demolished on camera.”
that has been the talk in the gay forests.
i mean he has an “onlyfans” doing this type of shit…


…you would think it’s “time“.
they have started putting possible co-star like ( x rhyeim shabazz ).
a vix-bi sent me an alert that he allegedly posted he might post a sex clip.

Demetrius getting smashed might end his appeal

how many of these folks have posted their sex vids,
only to get turned on because it didn’t live up to the hype?
it would be like finally having sex with your crush you been fantasizing about.
it’s all the chase that makes them so sexy.
it’s not “them” so much.
once you get them in your bed,
fuck them twenty times til sunday,
that mystique they had eventually wears off.
you got what you wanted and you’re suddenly over it.
that would be the outcome for demetrius.
once you bust a stupid nut to the video,
and you start thinking clearly,
that would be it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “its time for demetrius jenkins to take a beating”

  1. I follow several porn accounts and nobody mentions him. Who exactly is waiting for him to post a sextape? Is he even known by the mainstream?

    At least the Black gay guy who tried to break the internet was on Love and Hip Hop….

  2. That one dude Rhyeim, he turned his brand into something for his audience. He probably makes decent money. I’d consider him a professional in his niche. Idk why folks would want them to pair up. From what I’ve seen in the past, he only deals with experienced bottoms.

    And you can’t lose your appeal if you never had any to begin with. Your fans are as faithful as your brand and content.

    I think folks keep forgetting that a lot of these men only have a body to showcase but no creative talent.

    Anybody can get naked on camera. I’m sure most of us have fit and nice bodies and can do the same.

    The difference between Remy Mars and some unknown OF bottom is quite apparent.

    That Demetrius dude needs to go ahead and have sex or whatever it is everyone else keeps alluding to because what I’ve seen in that video in the post above is tired and not arousing in the slightest. I remember him from some posts many moons ago on here and folks were raging about him and literally nothing has changed with his content…they are just….clips.

    However, I’m not subscribed to him so I don’t know if he has longer content on his page or what not. So that may be error on my part.

    I have no problem supporting the hustle of folks but why settle for crumbs when I can pay for a full meal? I am not so uppity that I look down on OnlyFans folks. I’ve paid for some to see how they do stuff….


    Had me thinking…

    A video to bust to.. Antonio Torres and Skorpion, Venom and Maseo…Dream and Remy. I’m talking about men having sex and passion. Sweat..

    Baby those Xtube previews ain’t doing it for me.

    If Enrique Cruz was still in the business, Demetrius might fit in one of those skits since folks are into the whole masculine DL phase thing or whatever it is they like about him.

    But I think if he is good with bottoming or whatever, his fans will stay with him. If they leave him, it’s because he has nothing else to offer and left a terrible impression. Fans are always loyal to a brand they love. If he aint bringing nothing new to the table, why settle for crumbs when I can find a full meal somewhere else?

  3. Isn’t he military? Put on that uniform and keep it butch and let some pros smash. Let Rhyheim, Knockout, HarlemJock, Mr. Cali, maybe even KeptSecretXXX, maybe some international brothas smash. Make it passionate, keep the sex at the A+ level. Fans will stay with him and he’ll have new ones. And some more coins to work with too.

  4. Talking about Rhyheim i saw a video of him yesterday on twitter where he is getting fucked by one of them brazilian guys and i was like ….oh ok! Just go check twitter

    1. It’s so funny you say that I look at his ass and thought why it look like since he is a top and I am like he got fuck

          1. There was a video somewhere on Rhyheim’s twitter page of him in an orgy where he let some dark skin onlyfans gay with dreads top him. I wish I could remember his name.. The penetration was doggystyle & clear as day. But yeah Rhyheim will bottom for the right one. After all he is an escort

  5. He is a nice looking dude, but he does nothing for me. If he is still in the military, however, I hope he keeps his activities on the low to avoid being discharged.

  6. Anyone but Rhyheim. That’s one overrated dude and one who isn’t even all that on screen. Any top that doesn’t suck dick is a dude not worth fucking Rhyheim is NOT all that. If Demetrius gets fucked by a dude on camera, i hope it’s with a top that sucks his dick along with the other shit in gay porn. That said, homie seems more like a cock-tease than anything so i can see him just playing with the audiences emotions lol

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