snoop ain’t gonna have his bag stopped (the public apology to gayle king)

some may think power is having a ton of followers on social media.
being visible to brands and having access to the best events.
true power is in having influence and connections.
it’s making a call and having someone “handled“.
it’s not being petty on social media.
it’s stopping your bag by making one or two phone calls.
powerful people have powerful friends.
it could end up making a grown ass male issue a public apology.
that’s whats going through my head anyway.
“theshaderoom” posted the public apology from snoop to gayle king.

this part:

is “mamma” code word for “chit chat with oprah’s goons“?
his career was about to go into a downward spiral and he knows it.
i guess they came to some kind of agreement.

gayle should’ve knew that interview wasn’t gonna go well,
but snoop was out of pocket for coming at her wild crazy.
at the end of the day,
the powers that b made sure this didn’t go any further.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “snoop ain’t gonna have his bag stopped (the public apology to gayle king)”

  1. 不不不Gayle has access to the powers that be?不不 I think were looking too deeply at this situation. Gayle is Oprahs pet since forever and if it hadnt been for that friendship we would have continued to pay her dust! Snoop apologized because he was wrong in his word selection when addressing a lady. Curtis Fifty Jackson still gives Oprah the business on the regular, especially calling out her hypocrisy in crucifying men of color for the same crimes or less severe while giving white males a free pass. If anyone could have handled this situation it was Snoophes has a whole underground army available!

  2. I think Snoop’s mama really did talk to him because Snoop doesn’t apologize publicly to anybody and he is not afraid of Gayle or Oprah goons. If he can deal with Suge Knight goons and then go deal with Master P tonka truck goons, I’m pretty sure he can handle Oprah and Gayle. This man went before the Christian audience and proved he can sell Christian Music more than they can and proved it. This is definitely something only a mama could make her son do when she has that power so Gayle needs to thank Mama Snoop for that.

  3. Gayle is a grown woman! She knew what repercussions would come from asking such a question, especially this soon after the tragedy. When she read her interview questions on her cue cards, she knew! When she let the words to form that question come out of her mouth, she knew! When Leslie gave an answer that was different from what she wanted to hear and kept pressuring the issue, she knew! – She threw the stones and now that shes getting backlash, shes in her feelings. Bye Gaylicia!

  4. Snoop is officially a bitch he said he wasn’t raised to speak of a lady in s disrespectful manner have you heard his songs with no limit he hung with pac I dont love them hoes was his line he fake boy bye

  5. I mean what bag of Snoop Dogg is she going to stop? Hes likely just collecting checks at this point, as his career has piqued and the exposure and general support hes gotten in his sentiments, not so much his words, has probably gotten him more money.

    Gayle is a smart woman, she knew that line of questioning would be a landmine less than two weeks after he died, but she Cupid shuffled and got her shit blown up.

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