matthias mckinnon reaches out to the foxhole

so remember matthias mckinnon?
looking like ^that,
how can some of us forget.
he was the talk of the forests because of this tik tok video.
( x see said tik tok video here )
i decided to try something new and reach out to matthias.
i asked him:

you got folks dragging you for that tik tok with that white girl.
i just looked at your youtube and it seems you like more women of color.
was that a joke video.

that was friday of last week.
he sent me a response today


i asked him if i can update and he said “yes you can write it“.
so it was a joke.
i think it was a bad joke,
as i stated on here and on the podcast,
but at least he was humbled enough to acknowledge.
i appreciate him reaching back out to me as well.
you know some of these folks are ignorant and don’t give af.
let’s hope matthias doesn’t make any more bad jokes going forward.

low-key: i love this video with him and his ex…

…or his bawdy moreso.
his chest is stupid:



6 thoughts on “matthias mckinnon reaches out to the foxhole

  1. That was his only explanation? Glad I unfollowed him🤷🏾‍♂️

    No body looks good enough to be that dumb and desperate for clout.

  2. Whether it was a joke or not folks are too damn pressed. 95% of Black Men marry and have families with Black Women. So seeing a Black Man with a white guy or white Woman wont hurt me. His body though DAMNNN

    1. That is an old statistic. It has gone up a lot since then. Firstly, the majority of the black male population never marries. However, of those that do, nearly 25% marry someone of a different race. The reason people (black women) make such a big deal of black men dating and marrying out is because they are the only group of men that doesn’t promote their female counterpart.

      Instead, they promote white and racially-ambiguous women. They will claim that any woman that has a drop of black in her is black — even when she does look black (i.e. how Nick Cannon refers to Mariah and his kids), so they don’t seem like self-hating negroes. Interestingly, though, you never seen these black men with black women that are the same complexion as they are.

      It’s also sad that black men are okay with women fetishizing them. It basically says that they don’t have anything else to offer. I mean, you don’t hear these women talking about how smart, hard-working, or what great fathers they are (or could be).

  3. Yeah, it was a terrible joke. Definitely not the type you want to have circulating during Black History Month.

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