when the people you fall out with match your new energy

i’ve learned that if you just detach and move on,
you’ll find your answers eventually.
i had a dream that i had a convo with a friend i fell out with recently.
we haven’t spoken since summer.
i told them in the dream how much they hurt me by what they did.
i woke up and went about my day.
why that night…

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matthias mckinnon reaches out to the foxhole

so remember matthias mckinnon?
looking like ^that,
how can some of us forget.
he was the talk of the forests because of this tik tok video.
( x see said tik tok video here )
i decided to try something new and reach out to matthias.
i asked him:

you got folks dragging you for that tik tok with that white girl.
i just looked at your youtube and it seems you like more women of color.
was that a joke video.

that was friday of last week.
he sent me a response today

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