when the people you fall out with match your new energy

i’ve learned that if you just detach and move on,
you’ll find your answers eventually.
i had a dream that i had a convo with a friend i fell out with recently.
we haven’t spoken since summer.
i told them in the dream how much they hurt me by what they did.
i woke up and went about my day.
why that night…

I got a message from a mutual friend telling me that the friend has been wanting to reach out to speak to me.

since all of my personal accounts are shut down at the moment,
he had no way of reaching me.
i actually seperated myself from a ton of people in that circle too.
the friend has been thinking about all that went down,
so they been wanting to apologize and fix all that was broken.


we had a conversation for like 3 hours.
we ended up speaking about the issues and looking towards a new start.
one thing he said that was really interesting was:

This year has been taking a toll on his moods and he has been extreme stress.
He has been trying to find a job and provide for his family.

i’m starting to see that as a pattern for others,
including myself.
i was going through my own stress and was extra sensitive too.
i need to be more sensitive to what others are going through as well.
that is how maturity works tho.
i fucks with that energy.

people love to lash out at you and have you feeling like you did something wrong.
i’m all about communication and being on the same page.
i need to realize everyone won’t handle issues like that.
some folks are so self-absorbed and literally carry bitterness on their backs.
i’m not that person.
i’m a very forgiving person,
depending on the energy i’m being presented with.

these days,
i’ve been working on getting back to high vibration.
i’ve also been working on boosting myself up too.
i’m the best thing to come into folk’s lives.
if they choose to fumble the bag with me,
that’s really sad and ultimately their loss.
its a shame their parents didn’t teach them to recoginze quality.

lowkey: leaving my personal social media has been the best thing for me.
i’m not expecting anything nor will i seek validation from dry sources.

i’m feeling ready to return soon.

Author: jamari fox

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