11 thoughts on “i’m a black gay guy typing to you from my burner account in support of trump

    1. No. He is trying to prove that people with burners may have cast fraudulent votes like the last election but he failed to realize that HE SET UP a fail proof way because he thought everybody was gonna vote for him and not vote for Biden especially since he picked a Black and Woman as VP. His lawyers are not finding ways that there is any way he can win this election but it was actually done right this time. He wanted the mail votes delayed. He got that. People went out to early vote. I don’t want to talk evil about the dead but Trump killed most of his votes by refusing to take care of this virus and letting his followers not protect themselves. That’s where his other votes went. Biden & Harris are now taking him to court because he is refusing to transition for them to take over. I’m sure Mike Pence is already packing because there is nothing he can do

  1. There was a recent news story on TV saying that most of the posters on FB presenting to be black arent..they are using people’s photos to mislead. They are Bots from Nigeria n Ghana I believe being paid to do this. They actually are holed up in a house with computers. Arguing with people on FB..pushing the Frump talking points. If U noticed since the election is over they have disappeard.

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