trump is about to have a second term? did we celebrate his exit too early?

like i said on my twitter just now:


and this


i am so fuckin’ confused.
is biden really the new president?
is trump about to have a second term?
is all hell about to break loose?
this random wall being built:

i don’t know wtf is going on anymore because this is all ghetto.

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13 thoughts on “trump is about to have a second term? did we celebrate his exit too early?”

  1. Trump team has been instructed not to concede. He has lawyers trying to find voter fraud and they can’t so he is not conceding and doesn’t want his team to say it. Biden won the Popular Vote and the Electoral vote. He won. Votes are still coming in with Biden on it. Trump is refusing to say he lost. Hopefully somebody should be drawing papers to have him arrested for abusing his powers once again. The state of Pennsylvania does not require a candidate to challenge the votes. Arizona and North Carolina still have not found a winner. Regardless what happens, Biden has won already by every law in the constitution of winning the Presidency. The first person to win 270 electoral votes and by popular vote. Trump wants every vote counted to see if he wins. He is abusing his power to cheat a second term. If he is allowed to cheat a second term, he would have changed the way we vote for Presidents because he would try to find some way to stay in power like the Queen of England. He needs to go now because this is going to be nasty the longer he refuses to accept Biden is the new President. Biden is scheduled to be sworn in office January 20, 2021 and by OUR laws he has every right to do what is needed to remove him and its not going to be nice.

  2. Trump loss and he and his administration are in denial. Biden won Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan and technically GA. He had GA recount but it doesn’t hold enough electoral votes to catapult him to victory. They’ll have to drag Him out. Its about to be ugly and it won’t be a smooth transition

  3. Until the votes are certified, he will concede nothing. And even then, there are recounts in two states and others that are still counting. He’s trying to take PA to the Supreme Court. This is one of the reasons it doesn’t play to have the media do projections – especially in a contentious year like this one. We actually have nothing official yet – it’s generally by grace that people concede – and when have we seen that with this administration. Buckle in y’all, this ride has just begun…

  4. He is in denial. He can’t accept that there are people who don’t care for him.
    It takes 270 Electoral votes to become President of the United States. Biden hit 270 with with Pennsylvania. Even if Trump were to get Georgia and Nevada or Arizona (I forget which one is still counting) it wouldn’t put him at 270. He is a sore loser, and he lost to someone that HE called a “loser” himself. THAT is humiliating to him, so now he claims there is widespread fraud/cheating. The cases are being thrown out in the courts because they have no valid proof and/or arguments. They keep talking about the 2000case between Gore/Bush, but that count was much closer than what is going on right now. The only state that will have a recount right now is Georgia, because it is so close. Even then they have a run-off for their Senate seats. I hope Georgians turn out in force and give the Democrats the Senate in addition to the House!! If anyone is from Georgia…rally the troops and get them out there!
    A Republican Senate will do nothing but practice stall tactics.

    This is what I find crazy. Your vote is tied to you via a barcode (at least I had one on my ballot) along with a bunch of letters/numbers tied to my registration status. Along with you having to sign the ballot before sealing. If that is not done correctly, or they feel something is wrong, they will contact you.
    The Republican party is selfish. They don’t have the country’s well-being in mind. They are about preservation of power right now. Trump holds their futures in his hands (or Tweets) and they know it.
    That is why they are going along with this foolishness. They are scared and do not want to end up with his base against them. Some have elections coming up in two years, and there are some that have Presidential aspirations…although that will go out the door because you better believe he is going to run again in 2024.

    So right now, they are falling in line. And as much as we want him to go away, he is going to be tweeting like a jealous bitch from the sidelines

    1. Frump is full of BS.. come January 20th. What her he likes it or not. He doesn’t have to concede. On Jan. 20th his Azz will be escorted out of there.

      1. ^yes,V don Rodney he doesn’t have to concede, they done already said that “it” would be removed by force! Is he going to barricade himself in the White House? It may get ugly.

  5. It’s over it dosent matter hes making his fat orange ass look worst joe gonna get more votes hell be past 270 so he need to fuck off hes gone America has spoken and thats not his house.

  6. The orange monster must get ready to exit. If he don’t walk out they FBI and other authorities will escort his big no good ass outer the house we built!!

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